The purpose of this living guide (meaning it will be updated as meta changes with new content, balance patches, or discovery of new decks) is to provide you the Rare cards worth crafting or having in your collection. I will notate their role in the meta and what they major decks they can be found in and their importance in those decks. Rares tend to take up a large bulk of your decks. While I don’t necessarily recommend crafting rares, if you need to fill out a deck for cheap or want to know if it is worth having a play set, these are what I do recommend. Story mode and Promotional Set cards will be excluded from the cards worth crafting and/or having, but I will mention the ones that have an impact and should not be soul trapped. 


  1. Ash Berserker – One of the best cards in the game. A staple in most red decks. Solid stat line and insane resource extension that demands an answer.
  2. Orc Clan Captain – A staple in any red aggressive deck. Can add damage immediately to trick combat or allow creatures to trade up and combos nicely with some cards like Ash Berserker or Odirniran Necromancer.
  3. Raiding Party – Versatile card that sees play in various aggro decks as well as Doomcrag Warrior.
  4. Candlehearth Brawler – Not a staple, but seen often in red aggro and midrange decks.
  5. Triumphant Jarl – Playable resource extension. However, you typically won’t want a full play set.

Honorable Mentions

Northwind Outpost – Used in some aggressive token variants and combo decks like Market Archer.


  1. Shrieking Harpy – One of the best cards in the game and is included in most blue decks. Versatile two drop and high tempo play.
  2. Wardcrafter – Another blue staple. Tons of versatility.
  3. Doppelganger – Sees play in a lot of higher tier decks like Nix Ox/Non-Nix Ox Telvanni and Mage and Tribunal control shells.
  4. Cruel Firebloom – Solid removal vs midrange decks for control shells. Sees play in Telvanni and Assassin control shells. Often used with Goblin Skulk for synergy.
  5. Royal Sage – Doesn’t really see play outside of Tempo Assassin and some aggressive Sorcerer shells, but is suitable as a filler card for blue aggro/midrange. I likely would not recommend crafting them currently though.

Honorable Mentions

  • Elusive Schemer – Has fallen out of the meta lately due to better draw options now with Merchant’s Camel and Indoril Mastermind thanks to Odirniran Necromancer.


  1. Haunting Spirit – One of the strongest cards in the game. Difficult to answer when there are multiple threats on the board. A staple in any aggro or midrange purple deck.
  2. Indoril Mastermind – One of the better card draw/filter options in the game. Used often in decks with Odirniran Necromancer.
  3. Young Mammoth – A staple card in aggro and midrange purple decks. One of the best stat lines for a 3 drop in the game. 
  4. Ald Velothi Assassin – Usually sneaks in as a 1-2 of rather than a full playset as a card to fill out a decklist. It isn’t bad, but not always what aggro and midrange decks want due to low stat line, but still requires an answer and is a 1 for 1 at worst.
  5. Mummify – Flexible removal sometimes seen as a 1-3 of in Telvanni control shells. Fluctuates with meta as a viable removal/silence spell.

Honorable Mentions

  • Whiterun Protector – Sometimes seen in Midrange Sorcerer. A suitable filler in aggressive purple decks while building a collection.


  1. Goblin Skulk – One of the strongest cards in the game. Can be insane tempo early on if “packaged” with a zero cost card. Sees play in any archetype across all tiers.
  2. Cliff Racer – “Lightning Bolt on a stick” for plus one cost. Sees play in any aggressive or midrange agility deck.
  3. Curse – Often played with Goblin Skulk referred to as the “Curse Package.” Typically in aggressive or midrange decks if used.
  4. Eldergleam Matron – Seems play in aggressive or midrange decks. Helps extend resources and makes for a nice combo in decks that utilize Cornerclub Gambler.
  5. Territorial Viper – Now that Odirniran Necromancer exists, this card sees play as removal in all Telvanni control/combo shells.

Honorable Mentions

  • Suran Pawnbroker – A staple in Aggro Hlaalu and also sees play in other aggressive or midrange decks. Card is sneaky in how powerful it is.


  1. Hive Defender – One of the best cards in the game. A staple in any deck with yellow across all archetypes.
  2. Fifth Legion Trainer – One of the best cards in the game. A staple in any aggressive or midrange yellow deck. Also sees play in decks like Redoran Conscription.
  3. Cast Into Time – A strong single card removal that is a staple in any pure control shell. Gets trouble cards like Sower of Revenge and Hand of Dagoth.
  4. Eastmarch Crusader – Solid aggressive card that cycles itself. Often played in aggressive and midrange shells.
  5. Bruma Profiteer – Flexible card that can see play in all archetypes.

Honorable Mentions

  • Phalanx Exemplar – Strong stat line that sees some play in midrange and control shells.


  1. A Night to Remember – Solid value card that can also be high tempo depending on situation. Also can be used as part of Nix Ox combo. Flexible and versatile. Sees play in a lot of control and combo shells as a result.
  2. Dwarven Dynamo – A staple in any gray based decks such as Dwemer Mage.


  1. Sorcerer’s Negation – One of the best cards in the game. A staple in any deck that can use it.
  2. Crusader’s Assault – A staple card in aggressive or midrange shells that can use it.
  3. Scout’s Report – Used in any control or combo decks that can use it.
  4. Archer’s Gambit – A big reason lethal based archer and Dagoth decks exist.
  5. Monk Strike – Where Midrange Monk Strike gets its name. Used as the reach and/or stabilization needed to close out games.

Honorable Mentions

  • Balmora Puppeteer – A staple Hlaalu card. Can be insanely high tempo.
  • Redoran Forerunner – Has a lot of synergy with all of the buff cards Redoran has access to.

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  1. This game just came out with a new patch that made gauntlet harder to play grinding at masters. That was the only way for new players to get a decent amount of gold. And even then it was really hard. Made a dedicated deck and it’s only 20% win BEFORE the patch.

    No gold no draft no leagues gg.

    No longer f2p friendly.

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