The purpose of this living guide (meaning it will be updated as meta changes with new content, balance patches, or discovery of new decks) is to provide you the Legendary cards worth crafting or having in your collection. I will notate their role in the meta and what they major decks they can be found in and their importance in those decks. You will notice that some legendary cards are required to play a deck, others simply enhance a deck’s strength. Story mode cards will be excluded from the cards worth crafting and/or having, but I will mention the ones that have an impact and should not be soul trapped. If the card is not mentioned on the legendary list, I would not recommend crafting them and if you’re trying to refine your lists, can likely be soul trapped although some not mentioned can serve as fill-ins.


  1. Blood Dragon – This card has made a comeback in a big way. It is currently played in almost all Midrange Battlemage decks which is considered low tier 1 / high tier 2. I personally think it is a staple tournament deck and one of the two strongest decks in the game. This card is also starting to see played in some Aggro Warrior decks, another tier 1/tier 2 deck.
  2. Aspect of Hircine – This is currently a staple in Midrange Battlemage decks. However, most only run 1 or 2 copies. A full set is not really needed. It is often found in Midrange Dagoth lists as well now which falls somewhere in the middle of the tier 2 category.
  3. Wood Orc Headhunter – This has been a core card in Aggro Warrior since Traitor-Joe popularized it a long time ago. However, there have been some versions popping up lately that have cut some number of them. It is also a staple in any Orc Warrior deck although that is more of a tier 3 deck currently.
  4. Relentless Raider – This card is typically found in any hyper aggressive red based deck. It can be found in a number of tier 2 decks such as Aggro Crusader and Red Aggro.
  5. Vigilant Giant – A few months ago, this would have been number 1. However, it has fallen out of most Midrange Battlemage lists. It has been replaced by higher tempo variants such as Mighty Conjuring and Aspect of Hircine. If you have this card and need to fill slots out in your Midrange Battlemage lists, it can do the job though. You will also find it in some slower Midrange Dagoth lists. It has fallen out of favor with the number of lethal creatures and hard removal spells found in the current control decks.

Honorable Mentions
⦁ The Red Year – Found mostly in Dagoth Control decks and Doomcrag Warrior. A nice card to have. Wouldn’t recommend soul trapping.
Reive, Blademaster – This is a card worth having especially if you’re trying to fill out an aggressive or midrange shell. However, I would not recommend crafting him.


  1. Daggerfall Mage – This has been a staple blue legendary forever. It can fall in and out of the meta if it shifts to a faster one than we currently have. However, most blue decks don’t feel bad about running this card. It is a staple in Midrange Battlemage and you will find it in most Tribunal Control decks which is considered tier 1 / top of tier 2. You will find it in some Nix Ox Telvanni lists and most other Telvanni decks as well which are tier 1 and 2 decks.
  2. Genius Pathmage – You can’t play what is considered the best deck in the game, Nix Ox Telvanni without it. You will find this card is played in Tribunal Control and some Mage lists as well.
  3. Mighty Conjuring – A surprise card of Houses of Morrowind. It has become a staple in Midrange Battlemage lists and you will also find it in various Dagoth lists. You typically seen this card ran as a 1 or 2 of though. Rarely will you see a full playset in any deck.
  4. Supreme Atromancer – This card has made a comeback recently as a finisher for Tribunal Control decks. Again, you typically won’t a full playset in any deck, but you will see it as a 1 or 2 of in a lot of control now.
  5. Mentor’s Ring – Currently the enabler for Nix Ox OTK. If you are wanting to play that deck, you’ll need a copy of this. Also sees some applications in other decks.

Honorable Mentions
Ancano – The reason he is down here is because you should buy his premade deck for 500 gold. He is in most blue decks no matter the archetype. His premade deck is a steal. Get it if you don’t own Ancano.
⦁ Therana – It is played in Nix Ox Telvanni and gives you an alternate win condition. You can play it for some cute combo decks that aren’t really viable, but it being in the best combo-control deck makes this card worth having.


  1. Odirniran Necromancer – This is one of the top 10 cards in the game. It has enabled an entire archetype. You will find this in several decks ranging from tier 1 to tier 3. Nix Ox, Tribunal variants, Telvanni variants, Redoran Conscription, etc. You will want a full play set.
  2. Aundae Clan Sorcerer – Found in several tier 2 and 3 decks. Can be found in a lot of aggro or midrange purple decks as well as Redoran Conscription and Doomcrag Warrior.
  3. Doomcrag Vampire – The core of two viable / strong decks in Doomcrag Warrior and Reodran Conscription.
  4. Nahagliiv – Tends to fall in and out of the meta. Is strong when you see a lot of control. Sometimes found at the top end of midrange purple decks.
  5. Bone Colossus – Similar to Nahagliiv. Again, used as a finisher in some midrange purple decks or Spellsword Tokens.

Honorable Mentions

Blood Magic Lord – Falls in and out of the meta. Can be a suitable replacement for control decks with purple until you can refine current lists. There are times where this is ran as a 2 or 3 of. Wouldn’t recommend soul trapping.


  1. Morag Tong Aspirant – Found in aggressive agility decks such as Aggro Hlaalu. Most decks that have this card are tier 2 or 3.
  2. Tazkad, Packmaster – Has recently fallen out of favor as a finisher. It can still serve that purpose well though. Slap it in any aggro or midrange agility deck if you need to fill out slots. Would not recommend soul trapping.
  3. Ungolim, the Listener – Found in Conscription Telvanni and Abomination Scout. Both solid decks. Can be used as a filler card though if you need to fill out slots. I would not recommend soul trapping this card.
  4. Thieves Guild Fence – Found in Abomination Scout and Leafwater OTK. Would not recommend crafting unless you wanted to play these combo decks.
  5. Berne Clan Stalker – Not really found in any deck, but can serve as a suitable replacement or fill-in if needed.

Honorable Mentions
Brynjolf – Buy his premade deck.. This card is the played more than any listed above.


  1. Dawnbreaker – Played in every aggro or midrange yellow deck. Probably the most powerful item in the game currently.
  2. Miraak, Dragonborn – Played in every yellow control deck. Miraak has been a staple since the beginning.
  3. Dawn’s Wrath – You see anywhere from 0 to 3 copies of this depending how the yellow based control deck is built. Found in decks of all tiers.
  4. Haafingar Marauder – Typically only seen in midrange yellow decks although sometimes yellow aggro decks will include him at the top end of the curve. High variance card that can either win games or do nothing. Any deck running this is tier 2 or lower.
  5. Undying Dragon – Found from time to time in some yellow control decks, or Unstoppable Rage based decks. Would not recommend crafting currently, but could be a solid fill-in if needed.

Honorable Mentions
Vivec – Similar to Undying Dragon. Rarely seen, but can be a solid substitute if you’re missing some pieces.


  1. Odaviing – Found at the top end of most of current control decks. Played in all tiers.
  2. Journey to Sovengarde – Must be built around. Currently found in decks such as Doomcrag Warrior, Redoran Conscription, Abomination and Shrine Archer. Some other Conscription decks run it. These decks are generally considered tier 2 or 3.
  3. Yagrum Bagarn – Only played in the neutral based midrange decks like Dwemer Mage. This archetype is still being explored in other classes. I would not recommend crafting this card unless you really want to play neutral based decks or are happy with the other decks available to you.
  4. Shadowmere – See Above.
  5. Barbas – See Above.

Honorable Mentions

  • Parrthurnax – Same as Ancano. Can be bought in an inexpensive premade deck. He has fallen out of favor to Odaviing recently, but is still a reasonable finisher for control decks if you have him.


  1. Ahnassi – If deckbuilding permits it, you want to play it. Can often win the game when played. Currently Aggro Hlaalu and Mid Monk are tier 2.
  2. Ayrenn – Found in Tribunal Control. Sometimes seen in Midrange Mage or Token Mage as well. If deckbuilding permits it, you typically want to play it.
  3. Archcanon Saryoni – If you’re playing a Tribunal shell of any kind, you want this card.
  4. High King Emeric – If deckbuilding permits it, you typically want to play it.
  5. Queen Barenziah – See above.

Honorable Mentions
Sun-in-Shadow – Found in pretty much any Telvanni list.
Red Bramman – Found in non-Nix Ox Telvanni lists and any kind of old school Shout/Uprising Scout you may find.

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