The Elder Scrolls: Legends is an online, strategy, card game played by thousands of people worldwide. Sometimes figuring out how to reach a certain goal can be difficult in a game with such a wide player base. Especially when this playerbase is constantly creating new decks, strategies, and competitions. Whether just getting started, playing completely free, or seeking to play more competitively, there are many ways to reach a specific goal.

Just Getting Started

      A good number of players reading this article will be brand new to TES:L and seeking more insight on effective ways of starting out the game. There isn’t any “right” way to start the game, but some methods are more effective than others. The obvious answer may be to simply play the game and get experience, but there is really more to it than that.926BCC34-09CB-44DA-B42C-1B5224CC0962

      Doing research is a very effective way of starting out the game. Before playing, getting a knowledge of the mechanics and deck archetypes can be highly effective. This can give the player an idea of what they may be interested in, and give them the knowledge they may need to be a strong player in the early stages of the game.

      Another method — which is highly effective for later stages too — is getting in touch with people. Whether family members, or highly respected community members, getting in touch can help a player get the insight they are seeking.

      Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Often times, people will be glad to help out. Start with platforms like Twitter and Reddit; these two places are great for keeping up with news, updates, and interacting with the community. Twitter and Reddit may be great places for learning about news and updates, but Twitch can be a great place for learning more about the strategies and decks in TES:L.

      Twitch is an online platform for video game live streams, where players can interact — through the chat — with the streamer and other viewers. Twitch is a great place for players seeking a way to learn more about TES:L, because they can ask questions and also see different things the streamer is doing. Some streamers even offer coaching sessions on stream — which help the viewers learn new things — but also help the player receiving coaching.

Learning Archetypes and Seeking Guidance in the Competitive Scene

      Players past the starting stages of the game may be seeking guidance for getting into the more competitive scene of TES:L. Playing competitively on ladder and playing competitively in tournament settings are both extremely different things, but they also have their similarities. Playing competitively requires two main things; a) a strong deck that suits the player’s playstyle, and b) knowing how to play around different decks.

      A strong deck doesn’t necessarily mean a “meta-deck.” A strong deck is a deck that utilizes cards that do what the deck is trying to accomplish. There are three main archetypes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends — aggro, midrange, and control.  But what is special about each deck archetype?

      Aggro – Aggro is the slang term for “aggressive.” These decks are usually good for newer players because they are very cheap to make and have a very basic goal. Aggro decks focus mainly on dealing as much damage as possible, as soon as possible. This may seem easy, but at the top tier, much more strategy and thought is involved in playing Aggro decks optimally.

      Midrange – Midrange decks are usually somewhat expensive to make. These decks play one of two different ways; a) Aggressively, with late game cards to help hold out against aggro and control decks, or b) Slower, with early game cards to race against other midrange and control decks. What makes Midrange decks unique is their ability to turn the game around in one or two turns. Midrange decks can switch from aggressive to control, or vice versa.

      Control – Control decks play as the name implies; they control the game until they have an effective way of winning the game. Control decks often are thought to require more skill to play. This is true to some extent. Playing any deck optimally is difficult, but control decks require more skill to play, on the surface.

       Midrange decks are revered — to most — as the highest skill cap decks in the game. Because of their ability to turn the game in the direction they want, trying to do this too early or too late can lead to a player’s defeat.

      As with getting started, asking questions and reaching out are the two of the most effective ways of getting into the competitive scene of TES:L. Asking about different mindsets to have, and different was of building decks is not something to be ashamed of. Asking questions is great, but getting into the weekly WarpMeta tournaments is probably the most effective way of getting into the competitive side of TES:L.

      WarpMeta tournaments don’t play with very high stakes, but they do offer a taste of the tournament setting. Decks run in WarpMeta tournaments are built differently than one might see on ladder, but this doesn’t mean they are ineffective. These decks can struggle on ladder, because they may not have the versatility a ladder deck wants, or they may have certain card (tech) choices that the deckbuilder decided would make the deck better for the tournament.

      Decks on ladder are often designed with the idea to be more versatile and well suited for almost any matchup. Playing competitively on ladder is much different than in tournaments, but it still follows the general strategies of the deck archetypes. The full details would require more articles, but understand this:339659A8-1C6D-4033-B787-20682D8A1018

  • Expect anything – ladder is a place where players are constantly trying new decks out. This is why having a versatile deck is crucial for competitive ladder games.
  • Don’t try to predict – While it is alright to anticipate or play around the opponent’s only/most likely outs, it is entirely different to predict the next play. In many cases, trying to predict hurts more than it helps.
  • Expect and Accept defeat – Being a good player doesn’t mean “unbeatable.”  

Playing for Free (Free to Play / F2P)

     Playing competitively keeps a game fun, but not all players can afford to spend money to get to the point of being competitive. TES:L was designed with these people in mind, and it is Free to Play friendly. Playing for free can be difficult, but it has to be this way. Just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

      Save gold; buying card packs may be tempting, but saving gold for the premade decks and story modes is a much better investment. Some of the cards are not good or effective, but they can be destroyed for soul gems that can be put into other cards. The premade decks are not made to be good or competitive; they are made to help boost players’ collections.6F09D47A-81C4-43AD-BC6C-016AE0241B9C

      Getting the story modes is just as important as getting the premade decks. The story modes offer access to certain cards that are otherwise unobtainable and — in many cases — irreplaceable in decks. Something to consider, however, are the two purchasable collections: Forgotten Hero Collection, and Madhouse Collection.

      As with the story modes, these two collections are also very important. They have the same benefits as the story modes, in the sense that they offer access to irreplaceable cards that are seen in many decks. Getting the story modes and two collections are both equally important, but neither option is better. The discretion is to the player, but getting the premade decks is definitely the first step.


     Nearly any goal in TES:L can be accomplished, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do so. Getting in touch and being active in the community is one of the best ways to accomplish a goal. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn about the game. Getting a good start and knowing what to do after that is extremely helpful and gives players an advantage over others who don’t have any idea what to do.

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  1. Thanks for the article. This is just what I’m looking for. I’m looking to reach legend. My highest so far is warrior. Just bought the two collections, hopefully that helps.

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