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When I opened the game after the recent patch Merchants of Ofir – I was delighted to see that I can put together a really sweet deck out of Elves, a thing I have been trying to do for a while now. After some tweaking and an inspiration from my friend GwentyWeevil, who has recently started doing deck guides as well, I was able to make the deck really fun to play!

The deck guide


Your first hand should include enough Elves to get your Aelirenn out of your deck and possibly use your Isengrim effectively. To achieve this, you want to look for your Neophytes as they provide 2 Elves at once. In case you get Aelirenn in your hand, you’ll have to mulligan her.

If you have Fauve in hand, keep one of your Nature cards in the deck, preferably the Nature’s Rebuke.

Other than this, you are looking to get as many of your Golds as you can into your hand.

Round Progression

Round One

We usually manage to win the R1 using basic Elf package and the Stratagem, in case we have first say. The package consists of Neophytes, either Feign Death or Vernossiel (but do not overcommit), the Vrihedd Officers or the rest of the 4 provision Elves (depending on what you’ve drawn). You want to finish this round using Isengrim for a massive point swing (if you don’t have him, use Call of the Forest / Fauve to find him).

Round Two

After winning R1

If you have managed to win R1 without overcommiting your good Golds and also drawn good cards you might want to go for a 2:0 win.

Tip: Against some decks it’s really good to push, as you can easily draw out their good cards. That would make them have nothing left for R3, but be careful not to end with the shorter end of the stick yourself.

After losing R1

The other scenario is the one where things didn’t really go in our favour, we have lost the R1 and now we are getting pushed.

Usually when this happens, we haven’t used too many of our good cards and we are pretty safe to advance into the R3 with card advantage.

In a longer round, we can easily use our Crushing Traps and maybe some leader charges and make our opponent pass and give us R2. The other cards that are very useful in a situation like this are Etriel and Muirlega, which can generate up to 20 points in 2 turns!

If you are able to do so, keep Vernossiel and The Great Oak for R3 – they have a pretty devastating effect on your opponent in a short round.

Tip: Often, when your opponent tries to push you, they are going to try to achieve that by using their scenario so it might be nice to have your Bomb Heaver in your hand.

Round Three

If you have followed the guide, you have gotten to R3, and only one thing is left to do – crush your opponent’s dreams. And when it comes to crushing…

Long round

… we have something special for our opponent – the Crushing Traps, which can generate a ton of points in combination with your leader ability. The other card that works great with your leader ability is The Great Oak. You should also make sure to play your cards into one row, but be careful to still have board space for your Oak (or at least a free charge left on your leader ability). Other cards that we might still have in our hand, and can be useful, are Vernossiel or Feign Death – great in combination with The Great Oak. And then we still might have Etriel and Muirlega combo to get tons of points.

The Great Oak is usually our finisher to prevent its removal as a tall unit.

Few more tips

Your leader ability and your damaging cards make for a great removal source, as you can remove tall units or shielded troublesome cards.

When playing against Scoia’Tael you can sometimes brick their Great Oak if you use your leader ability properly and fill their row.

Video Guide

I’ve also made a video with an example guide, explaining the purpose of every card in the deck, so check it out below:


Thanks for reading through my deck guide and watching the video. I hope you liked it and best of luck with this deck!

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