Hello, I’m Bernardo and as you might have guessed I like pasta.

I have a passion for strategy games of all kinds, especially so card games. I started out playing 1v1 Scopa (an old Italian card game) against my dad when I was 4, for hours and hours every weekend. Since then I’ve played many card games more or less competitively, most prominently MTG, Hearthstone and poker (I’ve played poker professionally for over 6 years). I’ve always approached games as analytically as possible; if you want to discuss some applied probability or game theory feel free to contact me.

I played TESL a good amount during open beta and launch, after a long break I eventually came back when they announced Masters Series and was lucky enough to qualify for it. I had a couple of decent ladder finishes, but in general I prefer tournaments (hopefully the competitive scene grows).

I’m glad to be joining TRS and look forward to working together with the team to become better TESL players.

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