Intuition: Looking Forward to 0.14.2

Here we are, another patch for Mythgard and even more balance changes inbound. We’ve got card changes if you’re into card changes, we’ve got Path changes if you’re into Path changes, and we’ve even got Power changes if you’re into Power changes! This edition of Intuition will be a bit different than the last one. I’ll be giving my own thoughts on most of the upcoming changes as opposed to writing this as a community piece. With that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

Card Changes

Bald Mountain

Old: While occupied, your spells have their mana cost reduced by 1. Occupying minion has “1E: Return a spell from your boneyard to your hand and give it Ephemeral.”
New: While occupied, your spells have their mana cost reduced by 1. Occupying minion has “2E: Return a spell from your boneyard to your hand and give it Ephemeral.”

This change was necessary in my opinion. We have seen a lot of Bald Mountain play recently that relied on recycling rare and mythic spells. In a game where rarity determines how many copies of a card you can run in your deck, seeing this be so easily averted felt a bit strange. With the cost reduction of Bald Mountain’s first ability, the 1 mana that accompanied the Energy action of the second ability was nullified. By having to pay 2 now, you have to pay a net X+1 for the spell you’re recurring, rather than effectively playing it for the original cost of that spell.

Black Hatter

Old: 3: Gets a free move action. 2/2
New: 2: Gets a free move action. 2/3

I like seeing a buff to Black Hatter. I feel this is a card that the community has sort of overlooked and I’m hoping that just by the virtue of seeing a buff in patch notes, people will be giving her a fair shot in midrange blue decks. Move actions, especially extra ones, are a unique aspect to Mythgard that can really help separate the good players from the great players. Seeing more incentive to utilizing some of the more unique aspects of the game is encouraging.

Blood Moon

Old: Give all your minions ‘Demise: Draw a card.’ until your next turn.
New: Your minions have Life Tap and ‘Demise: Draw a card.’ until your next turn.

Blood Moon presents an interesting choice in gameplay. Do you trade your entire board for a new hand? The addition of Life Tap to that choice helps to circumvent some of the downside of the crackback following a Blood Moon resolving. This change also fits thematically, as we’re giving another Vampire card access to life gain.

Dashing Ringmaster

Old: Lurker Rush All your minions have Rush.
New: Rush All your minions have Rush.

The removal of Lurker from Dashing Ringmaster is something I’ve wanted for a while now. Dashing Ringmaster was just a little too safe from punishment since it is pretty much guaranteed to not come down alone. With Lurker removed from Ringmaster, it should be a little easier to climb back into a game that a Ringmaster + Seven Ring Ritual has left you on the brink of a loss but has not finished you.


Old: Give a minion -2/-0 and Immobile.
New: Give a minion -2/-0 and Immobile until the beginning of your next turn.

Detained was reworked in the last patch we did an Intuition article for, which you can find here. While we did not discuss the change to Detained at that time, it’s definitely worth talking about now. Since that patch, Detained has been the most popular card at both of the weekly tournaments and in conjunction with Bald Mountain has slowed those games to a crawl at times. With Detained granting permanent debuffs, playing against it felt more like life behind bars than detention. This change should help playing against Detained to feel less terrible while still allowing for an offensive use of it by weakening your opponent’s minions. I am going to enjoy being able to play Grinning Kolobok on turn 1 again.

Draupnir Band

Old: Did not have Durability
New: 15

Draupnir Band gaining durability is a change I’m very happy to see. While this isn’t a card that is seen too often, it can create a very unbalanced gamestate if left uncontested. Adding durability should be a good way to help combat a Draupnir Band for decks that can’t well utilize dedicated Artifact removal.


Old: 2OO
New: 2O

Seeing less gem dedication in the casting cost of Ghūl is definitely exciting for me. I feel that this card has a place in some orange hybrid decks and reducing the dependence on double orange for 2 allows it to slot into those decks. Needing 2 gems on 2 mana was a bit steep for a card that seems best when used outside of mono-orange and this presents an interesting tech choice against the reanimator decks that have seen some success on the tournament scene.

Ice Spike

Old: Give a minion Stunned until your next turn and deal 1 damage to it.
New: Give a minion Stunned until your next turn and deal 2 damage to it.

Ice Spike went from seeing a lot of play when I first got into Mythgard to being gradually reduced in numbers per deck over time. By the time it was changed, it seemed to only be a 1-of or 2-of in most blue decks. I stopped running Ice Spike entirely after it was reworked. I think the additional point of damage added back now will make me take a look at this card again. It probably slots well in mono-blue decks like Valkyrie tribal now.

Reckless Vulcanist

Old: 1/1
New: 2/1

This card seems to always be overlooked, and understandably so. The Demise ability, while good, didn’t quite warrant running such inefficient stats for its cost. The little bit of reach that the Demise gives you will now let Reckless Vulcanist trade up to any X/3 instead of being limited to trading into an X/2.

Shadow Trapeze

Old: Occupying minion has +1/+0 and Agile.
New: Occupying minion has Agile.

I think this may be the most sought-after change within the community following the destruction of Bolt from the Blue. Shadow Trapeze was being used in conjunction Rush-heavy red strategies to essentially forego typical combat and instead just turn your minions into burn spells that can block. While this deck hasn’t seen tournament success reflective of its high playrate, it has still seen a lot of play and presents a frustrating play pattern. I think the core problem is that while the overall effect of that synergy is oppressive at times, no individual part of that synergy warrants nerfing. I like this approach to hampering that a bit by letting you still make the Rush/Agile plays, but not accelerating the clock any more than the natural stats of the attacking minions.

Strigoi Familiar

Old: 2/2
New: 3/2

I feel that this buff on its own is not super impactful, however, this is just one of many buffs to Vampires in this patch. I would love to see more tribal synergy decks like Valkyrie showing up on ladder and I think Familiar being a bit better may help convince people to try out a Vampire deck.

Zmey Hydra

Old: 4/4
New: 4/5

Zmey Hydra is a very real card and I really fear the day it starts seeing more play. If this isn’t answered by a real kill spell, it can grow very large very fast. I love this buff and will absolutely be jamming Hydras into a large majority of my green decks.

Path Changes

Forge Elemental

Old: Did not have Armor
New: Armor 1

Fires of Creation is a path that does not see much play. I really hope we see more people looking into what is one of our more unique path choices. We’ve seen Fires of Creation have a small but dedicated userbase so far, with community member AceMartinez adapting and building a Fires deck from week to week in the tournament scene. I hope we see more people start to explore this path.

Journey of Souls

Old: Pursuit: Starts with 1 soul.
New: Pursuit: Starts with 2 souls.

Journey of Souls is already one of the most popular paths, so seeing it buffed is definitely interesting. I do agree with this change, as I feel the 1 soul was not compensatory enough to balance the disadvantage of going second. It initially felt weird seeing buffs to something that’s already so popular but upon further thought, I’m glad to see this change.

Rainbow’s End

Old: +3 starting life.
New: +7 starting life.

Rainbow’s End definitely needed some help. I like having a path that can be so swingy in card advantage. I definitely feel that most of my games testing Rainbow’s End have me low-rolling a lot more than high-rolling, so a little bit of extra life to raise that floor a bit feels awesome.

Turn of Seasons

Old: +2 starting life. Spring: Gain 2 life. Pursuit: Starts in Spring instead of Winter.
New: +4 starting life. Spring: Gain 1 life. Pursuit: Starts in Spring instead of Winter. +2 additional starting life.

Again we see a net buff to a popular path, and again, I’m in love with the changes. The reduction in Spring healing should help make grind games against slower-paced Turn of Seasons decks manageable for more aggro-based strategies. The supplementing of that with more health upfront should help the Turn players try to outlast the aggro decks. Very interesting changes here and I’m glad to see the path system gain more overall impact on each match.

Power Changes


Old: Once per turn, look at the top 3 cards of a player’s deck.
New: Once per turn, look at the top 3 cards of another player’s deck or pay 1 life and Divination 2.

This is the type of change I was really hoping to see for a lot of the under-utilized powers. I love seeing more diversity in the play patterns they present. Admittedly, I’ve only ever used Foresight when I’ve needed to complete missions involving it. I feel this new version is very playable and I look forward to seeing its playrate rise.


Old: Once per turn, give an allied minion a free move action.
New: Once per turn, give an allied minion a free move action and Swift until the end of your next turn.

I’ve been very vocal both in the Mythgard Discord and in the casting booth for the Mythgard Weekly Open about feeling that Impel is criminally underused by the community. I love seeing a buff to Impel and I really hope that we’ll see people finally start to make good use of the unique movement aspects of Mythgard.


Old: Once per turn, heal all your minions for 1.
New: Once per turn, heal all your minions for 1 and gain 1 life.

I don’t have a whole lot to say here. This is more of a revert than anything else. When Smite was changed from dealing 2 damage to dealing 1, Mend had to be changed to prevent them from cancelling one another out and stalling games. With Smite getting changed again, Mend gets its self-heal back.


Old: Once per turn, banish the bottom 2 cards of your boneyard to create a 1/1 Cobblejack in one of your lanes.
New: Once per turn, banish the bottom card of your boneyard and pay 1 life to create a 1/1 Cobblejack in one of your lanes.

I am actually not a fan of this change to Reanimate. I find it most useful to supplement bad draws late-game and provide blockers while I dig for an out. Tying this Cobblejack generation to my life total is going to be problematic in that scenario. I do think this allows for a more aggressive use of Reanimate with enchantments to buff the Cobblejacks and that could present a neat deck in conjunction with the recently buffed Rainbow’s End.


Old: Once per turn, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
New: Once per turn, deal 2 damage to the opposing player if they have more life than you, or 1 otherwise.

Smite has seen 2 major changes in as many patches now. I had been vocal before about wanting to see some agency to added to Smite and I feel we’ve finally got that. I am a fan of this implementation of Smite. We’ve seen it go from ever-present to only being useful for flipping Disk of Circadia and I think this change will put it somewhere in the middle of those use cases.

Wow, what a list of changes. I did not cover everything in this article and you can find the rest in the Mythgard Discord server. Hopefully these ramblings have inspired you to try out some new cards or maybe even some entirely new decks. Do you agree or disagree with any of my evaluations? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. DecadentHamster says:

    I disagree about your Reanimate notion. The fact that you are much less limited in token production means you will block more damage in the course of a game – and Cobblejacks already could be a decent force with buffs. Having a built-in token producer is going to be always a good option for decks that seek such production, and oftentimes these are the decks that can stall the best and lose game when they lose board irreplaceably (even at 50 hp)

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