My name is Jage Larson. I am excited to be one of the dedicated content creators for Team Rankstar for The Elder Scrolls: Legends community.

I have been playing card games since I could remember holding a deck of cards. I was too young to appreciate Magic: The Gathering when it first launched, though Ice Age is one of the most memorable expansion sets from my childhood. From the early 90’s until I graduated in the early 00’s I spent a lot of time playing special/alternate formats casually. At a time coming out of high school I studied for Magic: The Gathering Judge certification, but ultimately, I moved on to other career work.

I picked up Magic: The Gathering again while I was a musician playing casual constructed with some of my band mates. The last physical release I purchased was Innistrad and some of Dark Ascension. At that time, I moved on to digital versions playing Duels of the Planeswalkers through 2014.

I had avoided the Hearthstone scene and took a break from CCGs through 2016. My first memory of The Elder Scrolls: Legends was watching Christian Van Hoose stream TESL. The dual lanes reminded me of the special formats I played in Magic: The Gathering while avoiding the need to manage lands within a deck. Tied together with my love for Elder Scrolls Lore (I had lots of time to play ES games while taking a card game break) I was hooked. TESL has given me the ability to enjoy the game and have some fun interactions that I never have experienced in a card game.

I started playing TESL around April or May of 2017 before the Skyrim expansion. I hit Legend my first month playing the game using control scout. I proceeded to stream TESL during that summer and have now excited landed my talents home here with Team Rankstar. I am excited to work and grow with this team while TESL evolves in the eSports scene.


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