My history with card games goes back to around 4th grade. I was addicted to Magic and going to the local card shop every weekend. I believe the main set was Ice Age back then. After a run with Magic for a couple years, card games fell of the map for me for a while. I began playing many video games, but never any digital card games. Until I found out about Eternal when I first began streaming.

The game called to me, bringing up nostalgia from Magic when I was a kid. I pushed through all of the rankings of Eternal, claiming the spot as the #1 Drafter multiple times, but never quite being able to hold it. I have since returned to Eternal after a long hiatus and am seeking to not just be a jank brewer and enjoyable to watch, but also someone who is respected in Eternal’s competitive scene. 

I look forward to growing with Team Rankstar and cant wait to see what the future holds.


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