Journey of Souls ft. DecadentHamster

Welcome to a new interview series. We’re going to sit down each week with the winner of the Mythgard Weekly Open and pick their brains on everything from the competitive scene to their hobbies. Buckle up and get ready for a journey.

Name: DecadentHamster
Age: 24
Card game experience: 7 years
Mythgard experience: a little over a month

Q: Do you tend to do better at playing a pre-existing archetype or do you prefer building your own decks and refining them over time?
A: My favorite way of playing is taking other people’s decks and giving them my own spin, but I don’t mind netdecking or trying to build my own (although I am bad at the latter)

Q: What’s your favorite Mythgard card?
A: My favorite card in Mythgard is Ollama Ring, as in most card games my way of playing was tokens + anthem effects or similar go-wide strategies

Q: What’s your least favorite Mythgard card?
A: My least favorite is Bald Mountain, because I think the pattern play mythic -> Wake the Bones to play mythic -> Bald Mountain to Wake the Bones to play mythic goes against why these cards are one- or two-ofs

Q: What’s a feature you would love to see added to Mythgard?
A: A feature I would love to see is more usage of digital space in general. As much as I don’t like Hearthstone, their cards that “crafted” other cards, like Kazakus, were super cool, as was Eternal’s permanent modification. Also, more graphic imagery! Limited to technical constraints of course, but it would look great if a Soma Oasis splashed some water on each card played. There is already some (Brainstorm looks great) but having ways to spark imagination is always nice.

Noah: Well here we are Hamster. Our first player interview for the winners of the Mythgard Weekly Open. First, I’d like to congratulate you on your win. It’s not easy coming into a game and winning in the competitive scene in just a short month. We saw you take the win with a fairly budget-friendly Yellow-Orange deck at a time where most people seem to be favoring red aggro decks of varying types. What led to your decision to play this deck for this tournament?

Hamster: Hello Noah, hope your day is nice. And thank you! In most games I played I had hoped to achieve some competitive success, and it pleases me to see Mythgard was the first card-based one. The reason for my deck choice is fairly natural – I think that it’s fun to play differing decks and mix up the meta, however I played a red/blue rush deck the week before. Playing with the same tools might be winning for some, but we all are here to have fun in the end of the day. I hope I can take a different deck with a different way of winning each week.

Noah: Well, I’d say you’re definitely on your way to continued success. We’ve seen you participating in the MWO a few times now and progressing a bit further every time as you went from 2-3 in swiss your first time to making semifinals and winning 3rd place just 1 week before finally capturing that elusive win. How much time did you spend practicing with your deck before winning and do you think that upgrade in success can be attributed to better practice over time?

Hamster: Well, my first time was with a basically starter deck – I was surprised I won anything, and mostly participated for fun and to see how it all works. The differences in last week and this one was smaller – I’d say that the difference was some luck in matchups, a slightly more refined deck and confidence – both in my abilities and the decklist, which I had tested for around a week. It is still far from complete but being able to maneuver better is fairly important. What pushed me to the win was arguably draw luck, however, as I had drawn Seal of Exile enough early on to shut down a whole Reanimator strategy. But almost everyone who wins has some luck on their side, don’t they?

Noah: You mention matchups playing a part in your success this week. I was actually going to ask about that next, so thank you for inadvertently segueing into that next topic quite well for me. What matchups were you expecting to see going into this tournament and did you end up playing against those matchups?

Hamster: I was primarily expecting Reanimator, some version of Red Rush, and Green/Yellow Control. The last deck might have not taken off, being fairly expensive, so I didn’t end up playing it – but I did meet the other ones. My list had a naturally good matchup vs Red Rush, as board-filling negates Agile and White Cadejos heal (Red Rush, like any aggro list, has only a limited damage ability). For Reanimator, I prepared the Seal. Now I think it was a bit greedy and I should have run 2.

Noah: I did really enjoy your list for the ability to close out that Agile ability and we saw Seal put in a lot of work. Were there any matchups you faced this weekend that took you by surprise?

Hamster: Not really, to be honest. The meta seemed to be similar to the previous week, with the only difference of more Orange. However, I expect a serious shakeup now after the patch – particularly, the Detain nerf may change a bunch of lists. I’m excited, too!

Noah: Yeah, I’m really excited to see how the upcoming changes continue to help shape the meta. Looking back at how your deck performed this past week, are there any changes you’d make to this list moving forward? If someone reading this interview were to play your deck in ladder, what might you suggest changing around?

Hamster: Play as you want! I am not a fantastic deckbuilder, much less a deckbuilder for the masses. You can try Cadejos, you can try Pandemic, you can try mixing green (or going green yellow or green orange) with a similar spirit. You can also make a much cheaper deck – the only rare/mythic cards required are 2 Peri and 2 Dark Passengers. But you will not regret crafting them both.

Noah: I would definitely agree that all are safe crafts. My last question related to the game has been touched on a bit in a previous answer, but do you think you’ll be playing this same deck again at the next tournament or are you likely to monitor the shifts in meta with the upcoming patch and look to repeat with a new deck?

Hamster: Well, I made a decision to change a deck every time a tournament happens. My present list, for the 2v2 MWO, is much more unfinished and related to the last week’s patch (in particular, running Vulcanists, as I found their buff nice) as well as strong 2v2 plays. For my next tournament, however, I hope I can play something that feels more complete – and possibly expensive essence-wise.

Noah: My last question for you is two-fold. First, what change would you most like to see implemented into Mythgard as we look forward to the beta release? Second, what are your hobbies outside of Mythgard? When you’re not busy topping tournaments, what do you like to do?

Hamster: My biggest wish, as a gamer who grew from single player gaming, is to extend Mythgard single player gaming – in particular upgrade the AI, which is notorious for its bad plays. I also happen to love Mythgard setting and more story would be great – but this is already planned anyways. My main hobbies are computer games, board games and being a very amateur music critic, but I also have momentary hobbies that keep me busy for a while. Right now, I can’t pursue them as much as I wish, due to the need to stabilize financially – but hey, it’s getting better every day!

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