Free to play in TES:Legends is extremely viable, and this is proven through the role legendaries play in most decks. Legendaries are often not core to an archetype, but will increase the power level of the deck. Epics, rares and commons are the backbone of most decks, and it is far more important to prioritize soul gems on those cards. Yet legendaries have some of the most unique and fun mechanics in the game, and some legendaries are the centrepiece to niche decks, such as Thieves Guild Fence to Petamax’s Abominations or Doomcrag Vampire to Doomcrag Warrior. As a new player, it may be a huge investment to even craft 1 legendary, so here is a guide on the power level and playability of each legendary. The cards will be rated from 1-5, 1 being the weakest and 5 being the strongest, as well as give brief comments on the usage of the card to give you an idea of what is safe to dust and what is good to craft. I will also include a “top 5 list to craft”, which means story mode cards will be excluded, though they will be rated since some can be dusted if you are not too concerned about full collections.

Ratings (in terms of dusting):

1: Not seen in any decks; the memeiest of memes; just trash. Safe to dust

2: Playable in very niche decks. Dust if you do not plan on playing the combo/niche deck.

3: Playable in certain archetypes and in certain metas. Dust with caution.

4: Powerful Card found in many decks. Don’t dust unless you hate the class/archetype

5: Extremely Powerful or auto-include status. Don’t dust.

Quick Remarks :

i. If the card has the * tag next to the number, it is essential in a combo deck.

ii. There’s a lot of cards to go through, so the description will be short and don’t take them too seriously, but the rating will determine if they are worth crafting/dusting.



Top 5

1.Vigilant Giant (4)

Powerful late game card found in top-tier decks such as Midrange BM, Rage/Midrange Dagoth and Rage Archer. It both locks down against aggro and good resource extension tool against control.

2. Wood Orc Headhunter (4)

Top end for the still powerful midrange warrior, and it is definitely worth crafting if you are looking to play orcs or midrange warrior. Also great premium!

3. Reive (3)

Good card for red midrange, as it can snowball out of control and is a must answer threat with decent a statline. However it is nowhere near auto include and has no immediate impact.

4. Blood Dragon (3)

Back in 2016 this was a top-tier legendary, but sadly this has fallen to a legendary as a curve filler and meta call. Very cool effect, and if you want to roleplay as TurquoiseLink, definitely craft Blood Dragon.

5. Aspect of Hircine (3)

Reach against control and fat guard against aggro. It is very slow, and probably not as impactful as TazKad most of the time.


Relentless Raider (3*): Wispraiders OTK, Mathsader, Red Aggro

Skyforge (2): Voice of Balance decks – slw’s wardblade and eyenie’s voice of balance deck

Aldora (3): Decent statlines, skywag is bomb

Garnag (4): Powerful tool to counter control and the beloved Nix-Ox combo, orc tag

Stendar’s Hammer (1): Dremora Markynaz beloved weapon that grants you 400 soul gems

Ulfric Stormcloak (2.5): Playable statline, cool voice lines, too bad red shout is bad

Ashkhan (2.5): Sometimes better Jarl, have to build around this card

Skar Drillmaster (2.5): Worse Sails-through-storm

World Eater’s Eeyrie (1): Hope for Magicka Surge gauntlet or dust it

Wildfire Dragon (1.5): Dragon tag and stats makes it not a 1. Also Doomcrag “synergy”

Volendrung (1.5): You get to see a cool hammer slam into your creature

Dremora Markynaz (2): Stendar’s Hammer on a stick

Red Year (3): Ancano OTK, okay board wipe

For more in-depth discussion:



Top 5:

1. Daggerfall Mage (5)

Probably the only non-unique legendary that is worth crafting over 3 epics… she is that powerful. When your opponent hears “by the eight,” they will probably mentally concede.

2. Ancano (5) Note: Buy Ancano’s premade, don’t craft him

Reach and removal, insane tempo swings. Almost auto include in all blue decks, whether it be aggro or control.

3. Sotha Sil (3.5)

Control’s late game finisher. If he lives more than 1 turn, it often means game.

4. Atromancer (3)

Elephant summoning card. Once it was a 5, but now she is a rare sighting. Still a decent card that could potentially find a home if Midrange Blue makes a comeback. Cool greedy combo: Divyath Experiments on her is 26 damage.

5. Mentor’s Ring (3*)

Synergy with Giant Bat in Telvanni Ramp conscription, playable in sorcerer with Barrow Stalker/Wards combined with Emeric. It also defines the Stealer of Secrets OTK deck.


Enamor’s Keeper (2.5): 4/3 is playable, but effect is too slow. Temple Patriarch janky combo

Jzargo (1.5): Ehh

College of Winterhold (3): Support Mage, provides yellow/purple for Unite the House combo

Therana (2): Solid stats so often times she survives… which is good… for the opponent

Echo of Achotosh (1.5): *2017 Flashbacks*

Genius Pathmage (3): Cool card, but have to build the deck around this card. RIP Nix-Ox

Staff of Sparks (1.5): Lethal + Staff of Sparks = Dawn’s Wrath? Go ask TurquoiseLink about this card.

Bringer of Nightmares (2): Fun card. Playable at 6 mana… *cries*

Mighty Conjuring (2): Wombo Combo with Conjuration Scholar

Indoral Archmage (2): Synergy with self-sacrifice, but too vulnerable to silence

Nahkriin (1.5): Back in 2016…

Laaneth (4): Strong tutor effect, playable in many late game blue decks

Speaker Terenus (1): Bad. Story mode card so dust with caution.

Divyath Fyr (1.5): Quest Achievement card… then dust

For more in-depth discussion: 



Top 5:

1.Dawnbreaker (4)

Kills Night Talon Lord aka. Batman, need I say more? Viable in yellow aggro/midrange as a 4 hp reach or trade enabler, and most of the time you won’t get the effect off. However, with cards like Barrow Stalker, Dark Guardian and Vigilant Ancestor being meta, the tempo swing for its effect can win games on its own. 

2. Miraak (4)

Probably the most powerful late game card that will usually 3 for 1 the opponent, but only viable in control.

3. Dawn’s Wrath (3.5)

Powerful board clear, quite essential to yellow control.

4. Haafinger Marauder (3.5)

Swings the game around in a flash, but usually needs set up. Not an amazing statline, and need to draw it on curve usually for it to have maximum effect. Also RNG and the diluted item pool with every expansion limits his power level.

5. Vivec (3)

Wins you games you cannot win, but also not too hard to answer. Nerf for “Miraculous” title, as he makes the title much easier to farm.


Descendant of Alkosh (1.5): Noob trap. Don’t craft. Pilfer roleplay keeps this from absolute trash

Legate Rilke (2.5): Sketchy even in tokens… yellow 4s are too solid

Black Dragon (4): Bleakcoast Troll that doesn’t die to spoders, noodles, or FGR (godslayer)

Balmora Captain (1.5): Rally Roleplay

Ebonheart Oracle (3): She’s ok..

Lydia (3): She’s ok as well… but by far not the best defensive option in yellow

Mechanical Heart (1): Literally in game for the storyline

Umbra (1): Cool item that does the same as Stendar’s Hammer… grant you 400 dust

Undying Dragon (3): A bit slow, but can win you games against aggro and control.

Jarl Balgruuf (1.5): Playable in Unite the House combo, but not its own OTK win condition

Renowned Legate (1.5): 400 gems that the game gives you for free

Land Divided (1): Makes random spell generation more balanced

Auroren Sentry (1.5): Worse than Indoril Archmage

Chodala’s Treachery (2): Cool premium.

For more in-depth discussion:



Top 5:

1.Tazkad (5)

Can you believe this dude was 8 magicka (6 with Thieves Guild pull)? Powerful finisher, removal and reach. Dark rebirth and goblin synergy.

2. Bryolf (4) Buy the premade, but it isn’t a good premade so do not prioritize this premade

Must answer card when playing green control against aggro and midrange.

3. Ungolim (3.5)

Not really a “1” drop. Late game card despite costing 1. Good in conscription/altar lists that can guarantee the draw value. Please don’t auto-include this card.

4. Morag Tong Aspirant (3)

Sick voiceline. Cool slay effect. Playable 1 drop… which is extremely rare. Rare in top meta decks.

5. Berne Night Stalker (3)

You get to mind game your opponent and tilt them to death…


Astrid (3): Solid card combined with lethal creatures.

Thieves Guild Fence (2*): Petamax’s kitty. Viable in 2 combo decks that can be competitive.

Thieves’ Den (2*): Boomslife’s den. Insane with Master of Thieves, but the combo is too flimsy.

Swims-at-Night (1.5): You get a free Swims by completing Master level Clockwork City

Serpentine Stalker (2.5): Dragon tag.

Necrom Mastermind (2): If you can make Last Gasp midrange work then he is the man.

Naryu Virian (2.5): How is her aspirant better than her? Too poor of a card to play from behind

Quin’rawl Burglar (1.5): Noob trap 2.0. 9/10 would recommend to dust. The 1/10 is Boomslife.

Sails-Through-Storms (3): Sacrifice 1 turn of tempo to go nuts… and she survives lightning bolt!

Ring of Namira (2*): Ring of Namira OTK – Double Dawnstar or Dawnstar/Ebonheart.

Gentleman Jim Stacey (2.5): Fun.

Spider Daedra (1): MattOblivium would disagree… Close call and Suppress synergy

Cliff Racer Onslaught (1.5): Even MattOblivium won’t touch this one. Just doesn’t do enough for 9 magicka.

Nest of Vipers (1.5): Mushroom Tower + Nest of Vipers is 7-8 burst…



Top 5:

1.Odirniran Necromancer (4.5)

Flexible late game card, the card purple was looking for in terms of greed, resource extension and utility.

2. Aundae Clan Sorcerer (3.5)

Playable in midrange and control, but needs quite specific decks. Solid statline to play on 4. Very fun to have 2 mana bloodspells early on.

3. Bone Colossus (3.5)

Card that gives midrange sorcerer enough steam. Probably one of the strongest development plays in the whole game! Only problem is that it costs whole 7 magicka with no immediate impact on the board.

4. Nahagliv (3)

Apart from Belligerent Giant/Earthbone spinner syndrome, it is a very good lockdown guard.

5. Blood Magic Lord (3)

Once a staple in scout, now it is only ever seen play in tribunal as a decent late game threat.


Innkeeper Delphine (1): PitLion wannabe.

Galyn the Shelterer (3.5): Powerful effect, but really only viable in scout.

High Hrothgar (1): _____

Black Marsh Warden (1.5): Hall of Fame for being in Top 10 Crafts in 2016

Caius Cosades (2.5): Well…

Emperor TItus Mede II (1): next one.

Lucien Lachance (3): Can snowball and win games on his own, but only in specific metas.

Cicero the Betrayer (1.5): Don’t think the pretty flowers are going to reach mother.

Doomcrag Vampire (2*): Viable and core in fun combo warrior/redoran decks.

Lich’s Ascension (5): Betty Netch -> Lich’s Ascension -> Alduin = profit. Seriously don’t craft.

Almalexia (2.5): Sometimes can win you games if your opponents doesn’t have answers.

Frost Giant (1): Regenerate and heal are a thing?

Skeletal Dragon (2): Dragon roleplay.

Night Talon Lord (2): Batman. Rage is cool with this card… cross your fingers and hope it lives

Iron Atronach (1): Hit Justin Larson up.


*Not going to rate these as these are class specific to craft anyways.

Queen Barenziah (4): Guards and drain for defense. She can also beat people down.

Tyr (3): Don’t dust him if you plan on playing crusader as a beginner.  Solid body and prophecy is always useful… but crusader just has better 4 drops. Would be a lot more powerful if it was in a colour combination that utilised prophecies better.

Ahnassi (4): Situational, but extremely powerful when she is activated

Ayrenn (5): Almost every deck would play Ayrenn if it wasn’t a unique dual legendary because the effect is straight up bonkers.

General Tulluis (1.5): Too bad his conscription is a 5 whereas he is a 1.

Allena Benoch (3): Solid defensive option but it’s a bit too one-dimensional as it does nothing for you offensively.

Gortwog gro-Nagorm (2.5): Pray he lives. Pray he hits something nice. Needed for title hunting

High King Emeric (5): A very powerful effect on a very strong body… this card is bonkers in midrange strategies! Also makes really good YouTube content.

Merric-at-Aswala (3.5): Fun and powerful card, especially with Firebrand synergy. Keeps getting nerfed with new items…

Red Bramman (4.5): A bit slow at 9, but it can win you games that no other card would. Can be used both offensively and defensively so it’s a safe craft if you like scout.

Triple Colour

*Premades are still worth buying, though not amazing value

Bolvyn Venim (2.5): Rally is not as strong as people would have liked, Bolvin relies a bit too much on rally.

Archcanon Saryoni (5): The flexibility is always welcome and all the options are good so it’s hard to imagine tribunal deck not playing Saryoni.

Duke Vedam Dren (1.5): Lightning bolt syndrome with not that big of an upside.

Sun-in-Shadow (4.5): Flexible card, solid statline.

Dagoth Ur (3): Good finisher… only it is 12 cost so most of the time the game would either be over or it will end up as a mummy.



Top 5:

1. Paarthurnax (3.5)

Only seen in shout scout, Paarthurnax is a really good top-end threat if you have other shout synergy. However, it’s mediocre if you are not playing other shouts in your deck.

2. Odaviing (3)

Very powerful way to stabilise – such strong clear effects are very rare in TESL. That being said, the cost is very much a downside and most control decks choose more flexible stabilisation tools.

3. Journey to Sovngrade (3)

Very unique and irreplaceable effect but very slow so it’s hard to play it without some serious synergy – like dedicated Tulluis’ Conscription or Namira Shrine decks.

4. Mundus Stone (2.5)

Karakondzhul’s favourite card – really good at tilting your opponent. However, most people will be making fun of you for playing this card and there is a bit too much variance with the generated keywords.

5. Barbas (2.5)

Sorry ianbits – he is a good boy… but kind of mediocre with everything he does. The flexibility is very welcome but none of the effects are particularly strong by themselves.


Shadowmere (2.5): Good horsey.

Jiub (1): Naked, Buff 1/1 Minion

The Night Mother (2): Powerful in slay/rage decks, can be a win condition by herself.

Adoring Fan (1): Least he will never leave you… and that he came to you for free. Undustable.

Unite the Houses (2): Cool win condition… Hearthstone simulator. Tier 4 deck

Yagrum Bagarn (2): Dwemer masterrace

Seht’s Masterwork (2): Singleton

Wabbajack (2): haHAA. Sweet roll maker.

Morokei, the Deathless (2): Singleton

Dragon Mound (1): Reflective Automaton is apparently a dragon

Assembled Titan (2): Factotum (snaxximan) masterrace

Altar of Despair (2): Greedy, but fun card

Orb of Vaermina (2): Greedy, support mage card

Goldbrand (2): Greedy, support mage card 2.0

Mecinar (1.5): “Fun” greed. Synergy with adoring fan.

Siege of Stros M’Kai (2): Singleton

Alduin (2): Cool alternate art and fun to play… but dragons don’t seem all that good.

Top 10 Legendaries to Craft:

  1. Daggerfall Mage
  2. TazKad
  3. Odrinirian Necromancer
  4. Ayrenn
  5. Red Bramman
  6. Vigilant Giant
  7. High-King Emeric
  8. Dawnbreaker
  9. Miraak
  10. Aundae Clan Sorcerer
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