I’m Cleric, I’m from Mexico and I’m both a Content Creator for Team Rankstar’s Shadowverse branch and a Mentor from the r/Shadowverse Discord, I mainly focus on making the Unlimited meta reports, doing them on a bi-weekly basis.

Shadowverse was my first proper Card Game, I’ve been playing the game since early into the Rise of Bahamut expansion and I’ve been playing it on a semi-regular basis since then. I usually play either Control, Tempo or Midrange decks with Combo-like strategies. My main crafts for most of the game have been Bloodcraft and Shadowcraft.

I have also played other card games like Eternal, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Magic: the Gathering, but none of them have kept me playing as long as Shadowverse has (though Magic has come extremely close and I’ve even went to some Pre-Release Events, but it’s high price gate has always managed to keep me out unfortunately, despite really liking the game).

By the way, the nickname of Cleric came from a D&D campaign, since I played that class because the group needed one (and despite the fact that I wanted to play a Rogue, alas), then the DM forgot my name and just started to call me Cleric and everyone has rolled with it ever since.

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