Magikarp’s New Season Decklists and Ladder Matches

Hi!  My name is Mitch Gross AKA Magikarp on Eternal and lolMagikarp on Twitch.

I woke up this morning, texted my fiancé an April Fool’s joke that I had spent 2k on Magic the Gathering cards last night, then had the urge to jam some new season ladder matches.  I go over a few deck lists that I’ve been enjoying recently, give some input on what I think will be good next week in the ETS tournament scene, then play some ladder matches.  We didn’t have the greatest win/loss but that’s alright!  We learned a bit and got beat down by Patrick Chapin in the last match of the video.

This is my first video on Team Rankstar so feel free to let me know how you enjoyed it.  I also left four deck lists in the video for you to try out – enjoy!


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Twitter: @mitchgross1 

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