Meta Monday – Chalice

Chalice has been a popular control deck in the game for some time. It’s ability to clog up the board with small creatures, reset when things get too out of hand, and generate card advantage from buffing it’s board state is a force to be reckoned with. The deck is fairly low to the ground and inexpensive, so accessible to newer players, or players wanting to try out control. However it rewards format knowledge and tight play more so than most other decks, since it is lighter on hard removal than other control decks.

A stock Chalice list really only needs Crystalline Chalice (the decks namesake and engine), and a healthy mix of 2 or less power creatures, and spells that help you stall or find Chalice (Harsh Rule, Channel the Tempest, Strategize). Reliquary Raider being “buffed” to a 3TT 1/3 that gains you 3 health when she blocks has been a HUGE boon for the deck.

Although a very popular deck for newcomers and veterans alike, the release of Dusk Road was particularly hostile to the once beloved deck. Between Tavrod, Makto and Icaria, Chalice had a hard time fighting for board control, and keeping up. The strategy generally packs a good amount of silence to keep shenanigans in check, but can be put on the back foot with all of the resilient threats that were floating around.

The recent balance patch has been favorable for our old friend. With a down trend of removal pile, and uptick in Time decks, Chalice has found itself a place in the meta once again! This week’s “Meta Monday”, ThatResolves covers Phoenixton’s take on Chalice:

What do you think about the format changes helping bring Chalice back from exile? Let us know in the comments!

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