Meta Monday – Charge Rod

With the uptick in popularity of the “Charge Rod” archetype, thanks to recent strong finishes by Kangbreath and Niamster, we wanted to have some discussion on this list.

The deck plays a ton of powerful haymakers, who are game enders in decks built around them. This deck aims to combine the power of all of their key words, using Divining Rod to potentially cast some off of the top of the deck. With Crest of Impulse, you can sometimes assist with the set up, but for the most part is fairly luck oriented. The deck can be extremely capable of ramping up, clearing the board, playing a 1 power charge creature, then high rolling some fatties off the top. It does not always play like this, and often time you win or lose without seeing a Rod, and that is just fine. The card quality in this deck is so high, plenty of times you just play a Whirling Duo or Diogo on 4, Soulfire Drake on 5, Heart of the Vault on 6, and assuming they are still playing, Icaria or another big creature on 7.

As a big fan of both “Timmy” style big splashy creature decks, as well as the “Combrano” (FJT) color combination, as soon as I saw this deck, I knew I had to try it. I had about a 65% win rate on ladder with it, and a 1-2 drop record in the last ETS, but I believe the deck is incredibly capable in the right hands.

There are no real budget concessions the deck can make, as it needs all of its expensive, and in some cases unplayable otherwise, legendaries in order to truly function. Diogo could be the last legendary that you craft, as it generally has the smallest impact on the decks gameplan. It does have a really powerful ultimate ability that can help you seal things up in a long control game. Keeping the list dense with “charge” creatures is key. This deck is best suited for people who have a healthy collection, or are looking to do something borderline ridiculous with their shift stone!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the deck and video!


-Aphelion and ThatResolves

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