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With the season two invitational behind us, the hype is building in a big way for Set 4: “The Fall of Argenport”. The coming of Set 4 represents more than just a new collection of cards for us to enjoy. “The Fall of Argenport” marks the official release of the game from beta. For those who do not know, the game has been in open beta for some time now, waiting on a few details to be finalized, and bugs to be fixed, to fully release the game to the public. Direwolf Digital has confirmed that alongside this official release will be the first foray into in-game organized play. This is probably the most important announcement for the game’s future in my opinion.

Neon knocked it out of the park with their piece on the state of the game. If you have not read it, I would highly recommend it to anyone invested in Eternal’s future. Since they very thoroughly lay out a lot of ideas about how the game can grow, I will focus on one that I think is very important: organized play.

I got into this game because I was burnt out on Hearthstone. While loving digital card games that I could play on my lunch break or from the comfort of my couch, Hearthstone was no longer scratching that itch. For one reason or another, I had heard of Eternal as a “MtG analogue”, so as a long time MtG player, I thought I would give it a shot. As soon as I completed the campaign, I was in love. Within a couple of days, I was watching LightsOutAce stream, asking noob questions, and having them graciously answered by one of the games top players. I felt a part of something immediately, and that sense of belonging was very powerful. Within a few weeks, the beginning of Team Rankstar was in motion. Soon, it became clear the direction things were headed for us, and how a lot of that hinged on the more competitive side of things. RNG hosts the “Eternal Tournament Series” and has singlehandedly curated the entire competitive scene up until this point. I don’t think it is outlandish to say that the community would not be what it is without the efforts of RNG and their team.

As my involvement in the Eternal community picked up, I kept my eyes on top players. Generally to find deck ideas, but also to get an idea of what drove them to stick with Eternal. For most of the players, it was about being the best at the game they loved. The biggest drawback being no real incentive for being a top player in Eternal. Aside from the ETS, there was no benefit to being “top 100 masters” aside from bragging rights. Once you queued for the ETS Invitational, a lot of these players just sort of floated around until the time came to compete in that event. This gave the opportunity for interest to wane a bit, for these players to get bored, since grinding ladder didn’t accurately translate to the “best of three” environment of the ETS. I began to see a lot of players going to other games to fill in the time between major events.

With the imminence of Set 4, the release of the game, the announcement of organized play (although somewhat unclear what that will look like at this time), the “Market” mechanic as a quasi-sideboard replacement (LoA has a great article with predictions on how this will look), many players who had taken a break from the game are returning with rekindled passion! Adding an incentive for the top players to stick around, produce content, develop the community and cultivate a healthy competitive environment will help cement the long term viability of Eternal. While a new set always heightens the interest in the game, I believe that the official launch of Eternal will be accompanied by more formal marketing and promotion, which will bring a lot of new players into the fold. This provides a unique opportunity for existing community members, content producers and top players to be as helpful and inclusive to help our corner of the card game world grow. There is a lot of movement happening in digital CCG space right now (TESL changing developers and releasing a new UI soon, Gwent: Homecoming releasing later this year, Ben Brode’s departure from Hearthstone leaving the future of it uncertain, MTG:A…. doing things that MTG:A does, and finally the new colossal franchise that will be Artifact coming to soak up card gaming pros left and right with its million dollar tournament scheduled for 2019) so the onus is on Direwolf to give the players what we need to sink our teeth into, and us, the players, to keep the game healthy and growing.

With that, we appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to check out our work every week. Whether it be Unexpected Results: THE Eternal Podcast, Meta Monday, ThatResolves video series, or any one of our streamers doing their thing, thank you for helping support us do what we love to do. We plan to continue to bring high quality content (and some low quality content as well) as the game continues to grow, and look forward to participating in the growth of our wonderful community.

Without further ado…

As the set 3 life starts to wind down and we prepare for set four and the ultimate release of the game in the public domain, I’ve just got the two videos prepared.


2 Permafrost (Set1 #193)
1 Seek Power (Set1 #408)
2 Eilyn’s Favor (Set0 #24)
4 Lightning Storm (Set1 #206)
2 Lightning Strike (Set1 #197)
2 Second Sight (Set1 #207)
4 Strategize (Set3 #165)
2 Talon of Nostrix (Set2 #74)
3 Vanquish (Set1 #143)
4 Auric Sentry (Set1 #146)
2 Eilyn’s Choice (Set2 #220)
4 Wisdom of the Elders (Set1 #218)
2 Duelist’s Blade (Set2 #226)
4 Harsh Rule (Set1 #172)
3 Jotun Hurler (Set1 #227)
2 Throne Warden (Set1 #514)
2 Thunderstrike Dragon (Set1 #243)
4 Channel the Tempest (Set1 #244)
6 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)
8 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)
4 Cobalt Waystone (Set3 #151)
4 Hooru Banner (Set2 #216)
4 Seat of Order (Set0 #51)

We have a new player episode which has been asked for since I started the new player series in that people wanted a walk through how to build a control deck. Unfortunately Feln costs quite a lot just in terms of the shiftstone required in the staples and you can’t really go without Black Sky Harbinger so I decided to focus on Hooru as this feels like not only the most flexible control deck — it can play whatever it wants as its win condition — but the deck to gain the most from set four with the addition of the Crest of Order and whatever other Eilyn themed goodies we get. I’m already super stoked to try out any warp cards in Hooru as we get to pair them really well with Second Sight. This deck also allows you to pivot quite easily in to a Primal Icaria or Primal Armory deck and these play-styles are enjoyed by many players who enjoy the draw go decks of old from Magic : The Gathering or the Warrior decks from Hearthstone and WoW Tcg.


4 Combust (Set1 #392)
4 Dark Return (Set1 #250)
4 Grenadin Drone (Set1 #5)
2 Permafrost (Set1 #193)
4 Torch (Set1 #8)
4 Devour (Set1 #261)
4 Haunting Scream (Set1 #374)
4 Quarry (Set1001 #15)
4 Gorgon Fanatic (Set1 #375)
4 Madness (Set1 #267)
4 Nocturnal Observer (Set3 #173)
4 Rindra, the Duskblade (Set3 #277)
4 Torgov, Icecap Trader (Set2 #126)
4 Amethyst Waystone (Set3 #201)
3 Cobalt Waystone (Set3 #151)
4 Crest of Chaos (Set3 #268)
4 Crest of Cunning (Set3 #267)
4 Crest of Fury (Set3 #266)
2 Diplomatic Seal (Set1 #425)
4 Granite Waystone (Set3 #1)

For the Meta Monday however we’ve got a very apt video and this is FPS Scream, straight from the archives of Platypus Island and Sanctioned by the King of Platypus Island for general use amongst the general populous this deck feels like it’s in a real good spot right now, being able to make the most of the Madness package as we have access to both combust and devour should allow us to destroy the Praxis menace as well as being able to play Haunting Scream which is the best thing to come out of decks who can no longer rely on Steward of the Past and now are left with just In Cold Blood which reduces the amount of fast speed interaction the opponents can have.
For sure our opponents can play Feeding Time, but if we already drew three cards and our fanatical gorgan is in our Void — who cares?

Rindra is also a house when it comes back playing dark return and haunting scream because not only do you have the ability to win any race but having a build your own dragon that has a built in ping effect can really turn the tides against armory as well as being an excellent attacker in the face of Icaria herself.
For sure of course the Sandstorm Titan is a real problem, but it would be a shame if someone were to madness them and gobble them up for some tasty tasty cards or just combust them up to gobble up another Titan if your opponent was lucky enough to hit two of this monster!
Thank you for joining us for another Meta Monday I’ll catch you next week!

A small bonus though, I’ve been doing a few videos for a game in closed beta called “Manarocks“, I’ll be doing another deck discussion for the game in the next few days and will be giving away a few game keys to people who would like to join in on the fun.

Check out Team Rankstar streamers: HeyWhyYouMagikarpNotoriousGHPPlatypusKing and SifuDanny.ThatResolves, who makes all of the videos for Meta Monday, can be found here and Patreon here!

If you are looking for some tournament “Best of Three” practice, Kaelari has set up a really great resource that is open 24/7 here as well as a Tuesday night tournament here.

Every Friday, The Great Parliament hosts “Casual Friday” tournament now, too!

TheSkeeJay’s most recent tier list is up this week!

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-Aphelion and ThatResolves

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