Meta Monday: Organized Play

Welcome to Meta Monday! This week we finally received the organized play announcement we’ve all been excited for, the ECL conquest event and the ETS Team series play offs.

Organised play: The time has finally come, after what seemed like a eternity we suddenly got the organized play announcement, and it did not disappoint! Direwolf Digital announced there first World Championships will be taking place in early 2019, and qualifiers will be starting in November. How’s how you qualify:

– Eternal Championship Qualifers: A series of tournaments that the top 2 finishers will receive a invite to the world championship, alongside earning points for the End of Season Showdown. There will be six of these events, and a $5000 price pool for each.

Masters Challenge: Beginning in October, players who finish a season top 100 in either draft or constructed will be invited to a tournament to compete for spot(s) at Worlds. We don’t know a ton about this event, nor do we know if getting top 100 multiple times gains you anything.

Community Championship: Ran by the ETS team, starting with this weekends ETS event, players will earn points in order to qualify for a tournament. The top 16 players will earn a invite to a tournament, which the winner earns a worlds invite.

– End of Season Showdown: An invite only tournament that will bring the top 32 players from the Eternal Championship qualifiers point’s wise to a tournament, the top 2 will qualify for the world championship.

Not all details have been fully announced but myself, and the rest of Team Rankstar are all very excited for the event. This announcement was what many players needed to hear, I know I was definitely stepping away from Eternal but this has pulled me right back into the fray and I am not the only one. This is a huge opportunity for Direwolf Digital to market the game and produce a yearly event that really cements Eternal as a competitor in the card game market. Qualifying for these events will be tough, many of the top players will not manage to qualify, but I can promise you this, its going to be an amazing couple of months leading up to and including the world championship. I know I will be doing everything I can to qualify for the event, and I hope to see you there!

This seems like the perfect time to announce Team Rankstar’s new weekly series! I’ll be writing a weekly article about how to improve at Eternal, where I try to teach more advanced concepts such as bluffing, hand reads, mindsets, testing and much more. The purpose of this series is to help get players to the next level with the upcoming world championships! Now let’s jump into the events of the last week!

Now let’s jump into the events of the last week!

ETS Team Series playoffs: Four team earned there way into playoffs by having strong performances individually during the last ETS season, these teams were SPG Revenge, SPG Destiny, Eternal Titans, And Platypus Island (Rankstar Team A). Eternal Titans opted to bring 3 decks, 2 copies of each to this double unified event. While SPG Destiny brought 5 unique decks, SPG Revenge brought 4 and Platypus Island played the maximum six. Let’s break down the lineups:

First Place: SPG Destiny First of all, congratulations to SPG Destiny on taking the event down, they brought: TPS Clever, Combrei Midrange, 2 Feln Scream decks, Kennadins and Icaria Blue. Interestingly, unlike other teams Destiny only brought 2 decks containing Justice, the faction many regarded as the strongest faction pairing, maybe they know something we don’t?

Second Place: Eternal Titans Eternal Titan’s brought 2 TJP Midrange decks, 2 Removal piles and 2 copies of Xenan Combo. I don’t think its a shock to anyone that ET brought the minimum 3 decks, which is likely a strong strategic decision. Nobody expected them to bring Xenan Combo, and it looked strong during the majority of its matches through out the day, even if they forgot the Xenan Initiation in the market. Overall, another strong performance for the Eternal Titans.

Third Place: SPG Revenge Fun fact: Tonygeeeee is now 0-14 in Team league play off games (love you buddy). SPG Revenge brought a very similar lineup to Eternal Titans, with 2 Xenan Midrange, 2 TJP Flyers, a Removal pile and a Armory deck. Something to note is every team brought some number of TJP Midrange, showing how strong that deck really is. SPG Revenge’s run was cut short by there sister team, SPG Destiny.

Fourth Place: Platypus Island brought 6 decks this weekend, although I think in hindsight we’d have brought at least 2 Temporal’s. Our lineup contained TJP Midrange, Combrei Midrange, Feln Scream, TJP Control, Praxis Tokens and Rakano Valks. We were defeated by Eternal Titans in a 4+ hour long match that felt like no matter who won, they we’re truly the loser, as it was way to long. I think this match showcased that a maximum of 15 games is to many for a match of eternal, especially with 5 players per team.

Overall the Team series tournament was a good experience, a few hiccups along the way but it was a interesting experience choosing decks and the games were solid. It sounds as if this format will not be used again, but I am hoping Team series is planning to continue.

ECL Conquest: I won’t be reviewing each individual deck, as that’s a ton of decks. But first of all, congratulations to Team Rankstar’s Theovermaster for taking down this weeks event. Myself, and Theovermaster registered Haunted Highway, Feln Scream and TJP Control, a lineup we felt was very primed for success in the conquest format. More importantly, various versions of Scream have had a lot of success in the Conquest format, especially Berserk Scream. Conquest is a format all about trying to set yourself up for you the best match ups, either predicting what your opponent will play or making smart bans, and Scream is a deck that really takes advantage of strong conquest play. I expect to see a ton more Scream moving forward.

That’s all for this weeks meta Monday! Hope you enjoy, as always you can find me streaming at Would love to hear what you guys think about the upcoming competitive play, and hopefully you enjoy the upcoming how to improve articles!

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