Meta Monday ThatResolves Edition

Our fearless leader Aphelion is away on holiday at the minute so I’m taking the wheel for this one! Well buckle in and lets get it started.
This week we got a sweet new version of the client and though it had some teething problems it quickly improved and I really like the new look of the deck overview as it makes it a lot easier to show people a deck. We also got a pretty sweet promo with Lieutenant Relia! I’m super happy to see more powerful women in my game especially since Icaria was removed from the lore and Vara was removed from the ladder.

Speaking of powerful women not long for this world, a fantastic spoiler for the card “Long Live the Queen” has me with some concerns for the right honorable Queen of the wilds!

I’m from England which -sadly- means I am familiar with some phrases about the monarchy and their connotations. To me, “Long live the Queen” would be followed by, “The Queen is dead”. Now I’m all for a spot of casual Regicide on a Sunday afternoon but Eilyn had won our hearts with the potent phrases of, “Winds Protect Me”, “You Don’t Want To Make My Allies Your Enemies” and finally “Unleash the Storm” which incidentally often the last thing many of my opponents hear. Eilyn has actually been one of the characters I’ve enjoyed the rich world building for you can look at cards like “Challenge by Law” and you can tell a lot about her character that she would be powerful in battle but could often silence her political opponents who would have otherwise opted to resist her before seeing what the Queen of the Wilds could do. Her original Scion card is full of chaos, as something from the wilds would be but when we meet her again in The Dusk Road, we see she has changed and now she destroys the unskilled opponents and stands tall above the throne. I’ll be sad to see this character go, and I hope that the card mechanics are showing more of the story and that the spell we are negating is the Gunslingers shot! and the card drawn is to show us living another day and not a new leader for Myria !

Enough fanboying for one Meta Monday though, lets get on to the brass tacks of the new promo card for Chapter 19.

The card is pretty sweet too, I’d have really liked for it to count three or less sigils, and I can see why her card was quite conservatively costed as if she cost 6 it’d be a little close to Svetya levels considering she brings the power with her to play her. I was hoping to hit up a video with this card this weekend however but I think you really need a playset for the experimentation and think I’d like to play it in Hooru or Big Justice.

We are coming to the end of set three meta and it’s time to experiment with some old friends so this week we’ve got a Strangers midrange beatdown deck — which is also quite topical as the strangers are all about collectivism rather than individualism so they get a pass in my book. Staying on the theme of collectivism we’ve also got a Kalis deck from the legendary Aetherllama which is really performing well for me on the ladder at the moment.

First up we’ve got the ticket to grind town that is Aetherllama Kalis

This deck is super grindy and capable of finishing off a variety of foes, with the ability to clog up the ground with a bunch of tokens and then turn them into something tangible as boosts to your Bloodrite Kalis or extra cards from your Vault of the Praxis. The fun doesn’t stop there though as once you’ve gobbled up all your friends to make a 20/20 kalis you can refill your board with a Torrent of Spiders solidifying your grip on the game and if they manage to deal with it no worries as you can just disjunction it back again this time our Kalis is even bigger and is hungry for blood.
The Slimespitter slug is some technology we’ve seen in our recent Xenan decks as it will often one shot Makto out of the game as well as giving you incredible game against JPS where we may be fairly even otherwise.
I really like this decks position on the ladder and you can definitely tune it up depending on what you’re facing and you could build it more towards crushing a control or midrange metagame but for the most part this version seems really well suited to taking down fair decks and aggro decks though if you can land a timely Kalis you should be able to smoosh any JPS unitless decks.

Next up we’ve got a lesson in friendship, straight from Horus Traver himself. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet after all.

Strangers is sweet, whether it’s good or not I couldn’t honestly tell you. It is a deck that relies on synergy and this can be picked apart by the various removal piles but you can basically play a bunch of singleton strangers just for the abilities and go ham from there. I think this deck generates some truly interesting gameplay and with a Clever stranger in play you can rebuild out of nowhere. I’m excited to see if Set Four brings us any new strangers to add to the mix I’d love to see one that increased your power !
Though for the most part this is just the kind of synergy within a deck that I enjoy as you aren’t playing Merfolk or Slithers where you main engine is that everything makes everything have +1/+1 the synergy is a little bit deeper as you get to mess around with skills, use the cheapest tutor in the game and Common Cause is busted.

Thanks for reading,

I’ve been Thatresolves and it’s been a pleasure,
hopefully the captain will be back to fix the ship next week, see you around !

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