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A META mill deck?

I was always fond of milling my opponents. Before the patch that changed the Mulligan system you could easily mill your opponent in Ranked matches. And my-oh-my how fun was that! But since the patch became live all the milling fun just died. No more over-drawing for your opponents was available as they would only get more redraws like that. And the solution? It was nowhere to be found… Then the New Season had come. It brought something new and

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Gwent Meta Snapshot

At the beginning of the month we received four exciting new leaders. As the meta continues to develop, we’re seeing which of the new leaders have cemented themselves as a staple in the meta. At the moment, Queen Meve and Gernichora are the most prevalent of the new leaders on the ladder and there is a good reason why. Find out more below. Special thanks to my teammates. TIER 1 Crach Horn This Crach An Craite deck list that uses

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Gwent Arena Meta Update – January 10 2019 Patch

Welcome back to another Gwent Arena meta update. That’s right, all 11 of you Arena fans! Jokes aside, CDPR has introduced us with an interesting balance patch on January 10, 2019. Nicknamed the Mulligan Update, it massively affects both game modes due to the new mechanics they put into the game in regards to redraws. However, many of the actual cards were not changed much, and the large volume of Provision Cost changes are generally inconsequential to Arena play. This

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