I was always fond of milling my opponents. Before the patch that changed the Mulligan system you could easily mill your opponent in Ranked matches. And my-oh-my how fun was that! But since the patch became live all the milling fun just died. No more over-drawing for your opponents was available as they would only get more redraws like that. And the solution? It was nowhere to be found…

Then the New Season had come. It brought something new and incredible for the players eager to mill. The Seasonal mode. A mode centered around drawing as many cards as you can. This was the moment to shine for the long forgotten mill decks. After some adjustments which needed to be done an amazing archetype was laying in front of my eyes ready to be used. A bit of skepticism was there when I was going into the first match but it all went away as I was laying cards on the board. As of this moment I am sitting on a 10-0 score with this deck and I just had to share it with you!

Cards needed: https://gwentup.com/decks/7026

The Ideal First Hand

You love to have Traheaern, Cantarella and your Viper Witchers in your first hand as you want to do serious damage with your opponent’s draws. Then you are looking for Ragh nar Roog* as an engine. Any of your Locks and Damage cards are great. You can never get enough of countering your opponent’s play. It doesn’t matter which ones at all but you always prefer the Serrit, Auckes and Letho combo. In some match-ups e.g. Crach and Francesca you are looking for your Iris von Everec as these decks tend to run RNR*. Your Magne Division can also be a nice card in the first round.

Round 1

Generally you want to start with your RNR*. It’s a nice engine with not so many answers. Then you react with your cards according to the situation. Try to kill smaller engines and lock the ones you can not kill. As easy as that. If you don’t have to play a reactive card play your Traheaern. Try to set up your Canterella if you happen to have her. If you don’t just discard the best card. Then your Vipers come to play. Be wise with them. If you know that your foe is about to draw a bad card let them have it. Then when there is a better card on the top of his deck use the Viper. If you feel lucky go for another one or wait with it for a bit. It’s entirely up to you. Don’t forget to react to your opponent’s engines – that’s one of the most important parts of the tactic you are playing!

We don’t really depend on drawing cards and killing the She-Bear. The RNR* is doing its job. But if you feel like you have nothing to counter anymore just hit the bear with your Damage cards. You usually win the R1 as the opposite player gets fed up with our removals. If he does not give up you can outpoint him nicely with the help of Tibor Eggebracht and the RNR* still doing its job (you are okay even without it). Round one sealed for us.

Round 2 and 3

If we managed to win the R1 we try to push our opponent as we want to mill more of his cards or let him mill himself. After the R1 use of Vipers, Cantarella and Traheaern maybe even Tibor your foe has only 8-6 cards left in his deck so it’s really easy for us to make him have only 0-2 cards left in there while going into R3. But you don’t want to stop there and just pass. If you feel like you have enough points to go all the way go for it. What do you have to lose? Pretty much nothing as you are guaranteed to have card advantage and a double last say in R3 (you can gain even bigger card advantage as you kill the bear once at least). And that’s a big W in my opinion. In many cases your opponent heropasses if he is 20 points up. But you can catch up pretty easily with 3/4 in hand (depends really on what cards you were able to spare). You can even casually 2-0.

Tips and Tricks on Match-Ups

Francesca Findabair after she uses her RNR* just pass. You can cope with her going for a 2-0 and she can not use RNR* again. Also you can easily cope with her other engines and artifacts (Iris von Everec). For a good example, see here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/397645334

Crach an Craite – quite surprisingly I won all 4 matches against him. I got lucky with a snipe on Lippy once with my Viper. Traheaern, Vipers and Cantarella are really important cards in this match-up! Your ton of removal copes with Greatswords, Yoana, Ships, Flaminca and Protectors. So no engines for your opponents. Even if he sneaks one Protector or Greatsword past you just Vilgefortz it! Doing all this your opponent probably passes. In R2 use your RNR* and push. He will have to use Skalds, Birna (maybe Coral) to keep up with our tempo as he does not want to risk a 2-0. Lippy soon becomes really useless even if he uses him to refill his empty deck. He has no cards to redraw anymore! Example here: https://youtu.be/8NavyntJO1A

Other match-ups are quite easy and don’t need much explanation. Mirror match can prove challenging if he destroys your discard cards.

Last but not least I want to wish you good luck!

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