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As always, if you want to contribute data and have your name featured in the article, make sure to submit your games to this form. If your opponent is on an off-meta deck, please specify some pieces to their deck. If you have a large data set (Over 50 games), you can DM it to /u/NotoriousGHP on Reddit, [TRS] NotoriousGHP#6765 on discord, or email me at [email protected]

The quality of the metagame breakdown depends entirely on how many submissions we get. These are our significant thresholds:

0-222 games – 
I am not confident in the data we have, the quality of analysis will deteriorate greatly.
222-285 games – I am confident in the value of our data, the articles will function perfectly normal in capacity.
286-399 games – The metagame breakdown will include any tier 4 lists I have enough data for.
400+ games – The sample size is big enough for more precise rounding.

This week we have a sample of 289 games.


Tier 0: – This deck defines the entire metagame
Tier 1: – A sizable minority of ladder games will be against these lists
Tier 1.5: – Meta defining lists that are not quite dominant to be tier 1
Tier 2: – Popular decks that you should keep in mind
Tier 2.5: – Relevant decks that are less popular then tier 2 decks
Tier 3: – Obscure decks that you’re fairly unlikely to run across:
Tier 4: – Everything below tier 3 

Tier 1:
Skycrag Aggro/Yeti: 10.08%
Tier 1.5:
Jennev Peaks: 9%
Stonescar: 8.3%
Praxis Midrange: 7.6%
Tier 2:
Xenan Midrange: 4.84%
Argenport Control: 4.5%
Argenport Midrange: 4.15%
Tier 2.5:
Feln Control: 3.46%
Icaria Blue: 3.46%
Tier 3:
Winchest Midrange: 2.77%
Combrei Midrange: 2.42%
Hooru Midrange: 2.42%
Mono Time: 2.06%
Mono Fire: 2.06%
Feln Midrange: 2.06%
Tier 4:
Auralian Rats: 1.73%
Elysian Midrange: 1.73%
Rakano Midrange: 1.73%

Meta Analysis:

Diving into tier 1, we see Stonescar as the only returning archetype from Noverb’s breakdown last week. To no one’s surprise, Stonescar continues to perform well for many players as a very flexible archetype that plays cheaper, yet better cards then most archetypes. This week we see Praxis Midrange, Skycrag Aggro and Jennev Peaks pull themselves from tier 2, and now compose the other tier 1 decks. Skycrag and Jennev should surprise no one, strong decks with passionate pilots behind them always help them stay near the top of the field. The big surprise is Praxis Midrange; An archetype who’s popularity continues to puzzle me each and every week. Although a powerful archetype, Praxis just feels like the wrong Time midrange deck. Every time I play it as-is, it lacks a lot of strong interaction compared to Xenan, or over the top tools of Combrei.

Moving on to tier 2 we see the stars of last week’s tier 1.5, Argenport Midrange and Feln Control moving down a place alongside relative unknown Argenport Control. Argenport Control continues to be an interesting archetype, as there are so many ways to build it between many Sites and Martyr’s Chains, Maktos or remove everything until you can cast Solitude. I’m unsure what style many players are going for currently, but what I am certain of is this may be a legitimate archetype to challenge the top tiers as it has many ways to grind out decks like Praxis Midrange, while having strong Anti Aggro tools for Stonescar and Yetis. Feln Control and Argenport Midrange continue to perform well, having solid matchups against the field while also having a semi proactive game plan in the matchups where it needs to be the aggressor.

Finishing up in tier 3, we see the band of familiar faces. Winchest, Elysian, Combrei and friends battling to try and move up in the tier list. I think many of these decks are strong, most notably Combrei Midrange and are currently just not being picked up enough by players. For those interested in Combrei Midrange, ThePlatypusKing recently put out a video about it.


Of course, this has been a shorter episode of Meta Monday, so I should explain. With the lack of competitive announcements, or high popularity events as of late, it’s been extremely difficult to find topics worth discussing. There aren’t much for tournaments to review, and with a huge lack of incentive to grind right now, the meta game is extremely random as no one is really trying to refine archetypes in order to take down the next big event. Hopefully this changes soon, because I am desperate for spicy topics to break down every single Monday.

This has been NotoriousGHP with Meta Monday.

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