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As always, if you want to contribute data and have your name featured in the article, make sure to submit your games to this form. If your opponent is on an off-meta deck, please specify some pieces to their deck. If you have a large data set (Over 50 games), you can DM it to /u/NotoriousGHP on Reddit, [TRS] NotoriousGHP#6765 on discord, or email me at [email protected]

The quality of the metagame breakdown depends entirely on how many submissions we get. These are our significant thresholds:

0-222 games – 
I am not confident in the data we have, the quality of analysis will deteriorate greatly.
222-285 games – I am confident in the value of our data, the articles will function perfectly normal in capacity.
286-399 games – The metagame breakdown will include any tier 4 lists I have enough data for.
400+ games – The sample size is big enough for more precise rounding.

This week we have a sample of 199 games.
Meta Game Breakdown:
Tier 1:
Skycrag Aggro: 11.06%
Tier 1.5:
Praxis Midrange: 9.05%
Stonescar: 9.05%
Tier 2:
Icaria Blue: 5.53%
Argenport Midrange: 5.53%
Jennev Peaks: 5.53%
Xenan Midrange: 5.03%
Tier 2.5:
Combrei Midrange: 4.52%
Feln Control: 4%
Tier 3:
Argenport Control: 3.02%
Hooru Control: 3.02%

Meta Analysis:

This week we have a shorter Meta Monday, only 199 games leaves a lot of major decks off the table. Most notably, we see both Winchest Midrange and Rakano Midrange completely off the tier list, despite their power level. Breaking down this week’s meta game we see quite the similar list as last week, Skycrag Aggro on top followed up by Praxis Midrange and Stonescar. To no one’s surprise, and to my difficulty, these decks remain on top in our rather undeveloped metagame. Until we see some major tournaments, I don’t expect these solid overall decks to fall in play rate. Each deck does something powerful, but yet are efficient. All decks also rock a play set of Torches, and all have the ability to nut draw the opponent. From Initiate of the Sands, to Snow Crush Yetis into Champion of Fury or Shakedown into Blackhall Warleader, all these decks are doing more powerful things than the rest, while also being quite consistent.

Dropping into tier 2 we see bad Praxis, I mean Xenan Midrange and Argenport Midrange returning, while we see Icaria Blue moving up and Jennev Peaks moving down from tier 1.5. The Xenan popularity is still baffling me, and after further play testing it I am still unimpressed with its power level. Unlike other time midrange decks, such as Praxis or Combrei, Xenan doesn’t have an absurd top end card for a affordable price, and the power level of Xenan Temple isn’t currently enough to pull all the weight. Icaria Blue and Jennev Peaks are two really strong decks, that continue to put up strong performances. I think if there was a strong tournament presence right now, both of these decks would definitely be popular.

Deck Spotlight

ArtificerProdigy’s Skycrag Cradle deck

Winning the Queen’s Guard event last week, Prodigy brought a new archetype using 4 Garden of Omen to help activate the Cradle. This archetype got a huge buff with Garden, allowing a cheaper site that fits the deck’s gameplan perfectly to make the cut. A removal spell, relic removal and a spell that gives you yet another spell that you choose fits this deck perfectly. Taking a look into some individual card choices, we see tons of spells that draw cards, followed by even more removal. The most interesting cards, are the Resurface targets in Unseal, Re-Read, Innate conviction and End of Hostilities, let’s go over all of them.

Unseal allows this deck to go all in on spells, triggering the Cradle as often as possible knowing you have protection from a sweeper. When in fear of a relic removal spell, you can also fetch the Unseal before deploying the Cradle. Unseal is likely the most main deckable card regularly, but this is basically getting a free card off of resurface. I think it’s essential.

Re-Read helps in the late game, often getting back a removal spell or the next card we will talk about, End of Hostilities. Re-read has been quite under played since its printing, but giving a spell based archetype the ability to re-buy key spells can be game changing. It’s worth noting: this card can allow you to play a second copy of a market card like Royal Decree or spells generated from the sites such as a Mirror Image.

Innate Conviction is a weird one, but realistically is just a two for one. This is a card that knowing you will draw it, can be better setup for to make sure onslaught is triggered. In my opinion, by far the worse card in this list, and potentially shouldn’t have made the cut. This card does allow you to put both a removal spell and a threat on your top of your deck, which can be a great swing turn.

End of Hostilities isn’t at its best in this deck, as triggering Tribute is very difficult but instead End of Hostilities benefits from Resurface putting the card on the top of the library, with Warp. The Warp on this card allows you to play the spell immediately, and essentially draw an additional card the turn you cast it from the deck. Any card with Warp is excellent due to the Resurface, and End of Hostilties allows you to generate 1-2 threats depending on the game’s context, big fan of this one.


Although we saw a very similar metagame this week, many new decks continue to develop and that’s where I am looking for the readers’ help. I am hoping to continue with interesting deck spotlights each week, but without a ton of tournaments its hard to get innovative decks so I am looking for suggestions and deck lists for each week to discuss. If we get enough lists, I’ll happily cover multiple decks per article.

This has been NotoriousGHP with Meta Monday.

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  1. I’m not as high on Yeti as I was last week and instead opted for a deck that resembles the June version. That bagged me a 5-1 run into Diamond I were I was previously middling at II. Pyromage, Vaidus, the works, it’s doing well.

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