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As always, if you’d like to contribute data and have your name featured in the article, make sure to submit your games to both the Throne Ladder and Expedition Ladder forms. If your opponent was on an off-meta deck, please just write a little bit of information about it to make my job a little easier. If you have a large data set, you can DM it to /u/NotoriousGHP on Reddit, [TRS] NotoriousGHP#6765 on discord, or email me at [email protected].

This week, we had 262 games submitted for Throne and 152 games submitted for Expedition.

Throne Meta:

Tier 1:
Even Elysian: 10.7%

Tier 1.5:
FTJ Midrange: 8.9%

Tier 2:
Winchest Carver: 5%
Xenan Midrange: 5%
Argenport Midrange: 4.6%
Combrei Aggro: 4.6%
Reanimator: 4.2%
Elysian Midrange: 4.2%
Stonescar Aggro: 4.2%

Tier 2.5:
Rakano Midrange: 3.8%
Combrei Midrange: 3.4%
Feln Control: 3.4%
Skycrag Aggro: 3.4%
Praxis Midrange: 3.1%

Tier 3:
Skycrag Control: 2%
Jennev Midrange: 2%

Throne Breakdown:

Disclaimer: These deck lists are either left blank or most likely out of date, this is because there are very few deck lists on Warcry that are up to date and with the ECQ coming up most players do not want to share there lists. If you’d like to send me any decks for Throne, please do so and I will update the deck link as soon as possible.

It’s a new day as Echoes of Eternity blasts it’s way onto the Metagame, bringing a lot more changes to Throne then players are used to. The most noteworthy cards so far have been Makkar/Grodov’s Stranger, and Carver. These cards have both revitalized many archetypes while also being strong enough to make new decks come to light and today I’ll be going over these cards in more detail.

Grodov’s Stranger was the card everyone seemed to have their eyes on from day one as the decks it fit in was obvious. For those unaware, I just mean time decks. Many players have started shoving him into almost every time deck as the 6 drop they were lacking, even if there was no other Stranger synergy. Decks such as FTJ lost a key 6 drop in Heart of the Vault and now Grodov’s Stranger both threaten’s a fantastic attacking ability while also of course ramping to other top end such as Icaria or Xulta Arcanum. This has been one of the decks that he’s shined in the most from my personal experience although not everyone seems to be a fan thus far.

Another home that has had a lot of debate is Even Elysian. For those who prefer that deck to be a tempo orientated deck with Dusk Raider, Cyckalis and friends Grodov’s Stranger doesn’t exactly line up with that builds philosophy, but for those who prefer the more grindy style who plan to go bigger, Stranger is perfect. Grodov’s Stranger feels like a combination of World Bearer Behemoth and Jotun Feast Caller, where it enters and Ramps instantly instead of on attack, but draws cards on attack with of course, some random void shuffling added on for…reasons.

Of course, Makkar’s Stranger hasn’t been anywhere near as popular as Grodov’s, but has been paired together quite a bit. Xenan Strangers have popped up or any sort of time shadow X builds that only need to rely on there site + these strangers to have a powerful value package. Makkar’s Stranger is more of a Expedition all star, but I think it has enough text that the person who figures out the right deck to play our new stranger overlords will do well in this upcoming ECQ.

Speaking of this ECQ, Carver sacrifice strategies are everywhere and Carver’s getting nerfed at some point, I can feel it. Many players are enjoying this card though as Grenadin and decks of that style have been fan favorites for a very long time and now there’s a ton of options for builds. Of note I’ve seen players play successfully Stonescar, FJS, FTS and FPS variants and it’s not often we see this. There’s not a lot to say except these decks got a ton of new tools this set and I am having a ton of fun experimenting with good old Grenadin Drone decks.

Expedition Meta:

Tier 0:
FTS Sac: 16%

Tier 1.5:
Elysian Tempo: 6.6%
FTJ Midrange: 5.9%
Xenan Aggro: 5.3%

Tier 2:
FPS Midrange: 4.6%
Argenport Aggro: 4.6%
Praxis Midrange: 4.6%
Skycrag Control: 3.3%

Expedition Breakdown:

Disclaimer: These deck lists are either left blank or may be inaccurate since there is such little data on Expedition right now. If you want me to update any of these lists, please send me a deck link and I’ll update it as soon as I can.

We have a brand new Expedition format and Although I have played very little of it so far, I’ve heard a few things consistently doing well for players, FTS Sacrifice and Xenan Strangers. Both of these archetypes only came into existence due to many of the new supporting cards from Echoes of Eternity, but why are they strong?

From this week’s data, FTS Sacrifice is the most popular deck by quite a lot, as this style of deck is loved by many and seems very powerful for how Expedition is shaping up. Expedition so far has been about trying to play fair strategies and something like this archetype is doing more powerful things each turn then fair decks, while also generating a ton of value. I haven’t gotten to try this deck out yet, but with how many tools it has in Expedition I don’t see this moving from the top anytime soon.

The other deck that has built up hype has been Xenan Strangers, utilizing the extremely powerful cards we outlined in Throne earlier, Grodov and Makkar Stranger combined with more strangers such as Varret. This is a fair strategy that has both the ability to snowball and beat down with its early units, or a ton of ways to generate value and grind out the late game. Although other archetypes will exist, It’s hard to see other fair decks being able to keep up with this decks power level and efficiency without creating some very real problems against other decks. This deck also is very consistent with lots of units early on to fill the curve, and cards such as Reunite off the site in order to find key pieces more reliably.


That’s it for the first Echoes of Eternity Meta “Monday” and I hope you enjoyed it. This weekend Throne will be tested as we witness another ECQ and of course, more spots at the Eternal World Championship will be claimed. Thanks for reading!


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