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As always, if you want to contribute data and have your name featured in the article, make sure to submit your games to this form. If your opponent is on an off-meta deck, please specify some pieces to their deck. If you have a large data set (Over 50 games), you can DM it to /u/NotoriousGHP on Reddit, [TRS] NotoriousGHP#6765 on discord, or email me at [email protected]

The quality of the metagame breakdown depends entirely on how many submissions we get. These are our significant thresholds:

0-222 games – 
I am not confident in the data we have, the quality of analysis will deteriorate greatly.
222-285 games – I am confident in the value of our data, the articles will function perfectly normal in capacity.
286-399 games – The metagame breakdown will include any tier 4 lists I have enough data for.
400+ games – The sample size is big enough for more precise rounding.

This week we have a sample of 272 games.

Meta Game Breakdown:

Tier 0: – This deck defines the entire meta game
Tier 1: – A sizable minority of ladder games will be against these lists
Tier 1.5: – Meta defining lists that are not quite dominant to be tier 1
Tier 2: – Popular decks that you should keep in mind
Tier 2.5: – Relevant decks that are less popular then tier 2 decks
Tier 3: – Obscure decks that you’re fairly unlikely to run across:
Tier 4: – Everything below tier 3 

Meta Game Breakdown:

Tier 1:
Skycrag Aggro/Yeti’s: 13.38% (5.48% Skycrag Aggro + 7.9% Yeti’s)
Tier 1.5:
Stonescar: 9.25%
Icaria Blue: 6.51%
Tier 2:
Feln Control: 5.82%
Jennev Peaks: 4.45%
Winchest Midrange: 4.45%
Praxis Midrange: 4.41%
Xenan Midrange: 4.41%
Tier 2.5:
Rakano Midrange: 3.1%
Argenport Midrange: 3.1%
Tier 3:
Elysian Midrange: 2.73%
Rakano Aggro: 2.73%
Hooru Control: 2.73%
Feln Midrange: 2.73%
Auralian Rats: 2.4%
Hooru Midrange: 2.4%
Mono Fire: 2.4%

Meta Analysis:

It seems every week, I have a new meta game to discuss which feels great. This week we saw the release of Trials of Grodov and I will summarize as quickly as possible how it has shaken up the meta: Insignias are busted, the rest of the expansion seems to be missing in action. If you can find our friends at the Trial of Grodov, make sure to send them my way so next week we can hopefully discuss a verdict. Now to really jump in, let’s look at our new overlords in tier 1

I told you so. Skycrag Aggro is tier one, this week I combined Yeti’s and Skycrag Aggro after learning many players were reporting them as the same thing, so it wouldn’t be fair to categorize them separately, although I’d like to in the future. After gaining it’s much needed Insignias, we’ve seen this deck sky rocket in popularity including rather obsessed Yeti player, Bassoon Buffoon claim the rank one spot on ladder with the deck. Skycrag is the real deal, and for all of you Aggro lovers, it’s time to find out face is the place. Although it’s a tier 2.5 deck, I want to quickly touch on Rakano Aggro, another aggressive archetype that greatly benefits from Insignias. One of Rakano’s big strengths as a Aggro deck is it’s one cost units. Rocking cards like Oni Ronin, District Infantry and Fearless Nomad Rakano just does better things on turn one, and being able to consistently cast these units on one is a big upgrade to this deck. Although it makes up a small portion of our Meta Game, it interests me as a aggressive deck that can combat Skycrag Aggro with it’s Lifesteal units.

Taking a look into tier 1.5 and 2, we see Stonescar And Icaria Blue still putting up great performances as the meta game continues to evolve. Icaria Blue didn’t really gain from this expansion, but some Stonescar decks are starting to adapt a shift matters style which could be the way moving forward. These are two strong good stuff decks, that can take down most untuned decks while having game into basically everything and are definitely decks I can safely recommend getting good at. We also see Feln Control, Praxis midrange and Jennev peaks still making it into tier 2, showing how strong there core deck is. Both Praxis and Feln have been benefiting from Insignias for awhile, but both received new tools recently that’s been helping bolster there presence in the meta game. We also see a return of Winchest Midrange and newly Insignified(?) Xenan Midrange rising up to tier 2. Both decks have solid aggressive matchups, and Xenan gained alot of new tools in this new expansion as it is one of the better Shift Matters faction pairings. I expect Winchest to continue to gain ground if the Meta Game stays aggressive.

Rounding out our Meta Analysis, we see Rakano Midrange taking a massive drop this week, with both nerfs hitting it and new decks rising with lots of anti flying tools, Rakano really got hit hard in the last couple weeks. The only new development here is Elysian Midrange gaining traction, a old favorite that gained its Insignia, and a new killers matter’s card that helps the deck keep up on cards as it battles for the board. I haven’t tried Elysian yet, but I continue to hear good things but I am seeing many ways to approaching building it.

ECL’s Exploring Expedition Tournament:

This weekend the Eternal Community League hosted Eternal’s first ever Expedition tournament! Around a dozen player’s showed up to battle for this event, and I really hope it gain’s more traction moving forward, as I had alot of fun playing. The top 4 contained only 2 unique archetypes, made up of Camat0 on Combrei Aggro, a deck that loses very little and in a world with no Vara, heavily abuses cards like Stand Together to stop all the Harsh Rule based Strategies. I took a loss in the tournament to Camat0 in the swiss portion of the event, and I personally believe this build of Expedition Combrei is the way to go, and is not a deck I want to sit across from. Making up the three other members of the top 4, was the three members of Team Rankstar who played, all on Icaria Blue. Magikarp took down the event with one card different then myself and Doc28, but we all generally felt like Icaria Blue was one of the stronger decks in the field, but of course could be refined more. Quick note. Man the mirror is horrible.

Deck Spotlight – Magikarp’s Icaria Blue:

Although piloted by all of Team Rankstar, Magikarp brought us the beautiful deck we all decided to Ctrl C + Ctrl V for this event. Combining excellent early game interaction in Torch and Defiance, with the ability to market juggle and a playset of Icaria, this deck felt like it had it all for this format. Ignoring that this deck is the majority of the Eternal Warcry page for this event on Expedition, I believe this deck is the front runner for the announced announced expedition tournament Dire Wolf is apparently putting off this weekend, and if you think you can consistently beat this deck, then you might have found THE deck for the tournament. One card I want to high light is Auric Rune Hammer. With a lot less charge in this format, Auric Rune Hammer is one of the very best cards in this format, often generating 2 for 1’s that massively swing the game in your favor. Magikarp has been very active across a lot of platforms recently, if you want a personal walkthrough of this deck, just track him down and let him know!


That’s all for this weeks Meta Monday. I am super excited to see this meta develop, we gained a ton of cards this expansion that take awhile to truly test, and I’m hoping this mean’s the best decks take awhile to develop. Moving forward, Skycrag and to a lesser extent Stonescar seem to be the decks to beat, and my recommendation for this is likely any deck playing a playset of Defiance and or Hailstorm. I’m hoping next week to highlight some new decks in the format, so if you have any you’d like to submit feel free to send them to me in anyway listed in my contact info near the start of the article!

This has been NotoriousGHP with Meta Monday.

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