What’s up, everyone? It’s me, RenoJackson, who always look for a fun time on Legend ladder no matter what the circumstances are. Today, I’ll be introducing three decks that has not been seen in any meta snapshots recently, but has been yielding me decent results on Legend ladder.

Egg Priest

Winrate: 22 – 17 (56.4%)

Highest rank attained: #84


This is a very fun zoo-like deck, where you have a lot of stuffs that synergize with Eggs in various buffs, Carnivorous Cube, Shadowy Figure and Reckless Experimenter. The deck can wrestle for early board control pretty efficiently and is not short on value as well. Velen’s Chosen + Spirit Lash can provide a way to come back on board.

Patron Warrior

Winrate: 29-20 (59%)

Highest rank attained: #63

Code: AAEBAQcI0gLyBZEG+wz6DqfOAvbPAqOLAwsWkAPUBI4FgAbnEYKtAoawAszNApvzAp77AgA=

Patron Warrior has long been a fan-favourite, and my version spiced things up even more with the inclusion of Gurubashi Berserker! Dyn-o-matic is a scary card in this deck, one that could be used to clear the board, buff the Berserker to an instant lethal weapon, or to create multiple Grim Patrons.

Nomi Priest

Winrate: 10-5 (67%)

Highest rank attained: #27

Code: AAEBAa0GBu0FnccCic0CoIAD0pkDn7cDDOUE8gyPD5QPvg+FENHBAvDPAuX3Avb9AqH+AuaIAwA=

My favourite deck of the bunch, this deck can play out like an early zoo deck with Fel Reaver as a win-condition (which fatigues you by the way), or using Hemet to blast all the cards away so you can play your Chef Nomi or Benedictus instantly. Seance makes it so you can play multiple Nomis, Benedictuses or Reavers, whichever card you need in the particular situation.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section!

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