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Greetings, this is the 2nd time I write the meta report for Team Rankstar! (Here’s the 1st one I made for here if anyone is curious), we’ll see what Shadowlog has stored around this time! With the mini-expansion casting it’s shadow upon us (and with Blood probably still being super underwhelming in Rotation even after it, seriously, what’s the deal with that legendary card??), this time there seem to be…quite some weird developments in the meta, or in the very least just in the japanese section, ‘cuz you know, Shadowlog, not helping matters that the records are getting lower and lower with each week making it difficult to analyze anything correctly,  but anyways let’s stop wasting time and see what the data says to us. Also I’m gonna include GameWith’s decklists this time, I know they may not be the most reliable, but they’ll do.


Dethroning Shadow as the most used craft this time, we find Rune in the very top of the pyramid, not content with just making Rotation miserable with it’s spellboost shenanigans. It currently has a 20.7% use rate and a 48.7% winrate.

DShift Rune

4th most popular deck with a 45.6%(45.5%/45.8%) winrate, DShift continues (again, again, again and again) to struggle against the meta despite it’s immense popularity, but funnily enough having a good matchup against Midrange Shadow going 2nd, it being 54.4% to be exact.

Dirt Rune

Still being at 5th place in popularity, Dirt Rune sports a 54.5%(57.6%/51.3%), it still has the “best Rune deck” title hold by the neck without any apparent intention of ever letting it off. It now shows off what it should have since the beginning in Shadowlog: having a positive winrate against Mid Shadow when going 1st, 50.3%(52.9%/47.1%) to be exact, it also has pretty good matchups against various meta decks, most specifically Vengeance Blood with a 54.7%(51.5%/59.2%) and DShift with a 60.2%(58.7%/61.5%), but still losing to being even against Roach with 45.7%(50.8%/40.9%) and crying it’s heart’s content when pitted against heal heavy decks.

Daria Rune

9th most popular deck and being the same old same old, having an advantage against most decks because they mull against Shift instead of Daria and throwing the opponent off when they suddenly flood their board with their 0 cost followers on turn 4/5, and now having a positive winrate of 53.1%(53.3%/52.9%), while it goes even to slightly unfavorable against most decks unless it highrolls, it’s especially potent against Roach with a consistent 60% winrate against it going both 1st and 2nd.


Now it’s not the most popular class funnily enough, people may be getting bored with it’s playstyle I guess,  with a 17.8% use rate and a way more reasonable 51.7% winrate, Shadow continues to have good results, but in such a Rune heavy meta it may start to struggle a bit.

Midrange Shadow

Did you seriously thought that there was gonna be another deck more popular at the moment? HAH. Mid Shadow still continues to be the most common deck and currently has a 53.8%(54.8%/52.8%) winrate nowadays a small amount of people have started to include both Mordecai and Ferry in their lists as an alternate win condition  (with mixed results),it still goes even to positive against most decks, with the exception of Dirt, Tenko with 29.9%(25.7%/33.3%) and Mid Sword with 47.2%(48%/46.4%).


Forest continues to climb it’s way in the popularity ratings, now beating Blood (fittingly enough) and being the 3rd most popular craft with a 16.6% use rate and a 52% win rate. It also brought a suprise this time around too.

OTK Roach

Completely solidified as the 3rd most popular deck with a 52.8%(56.9%/48.9%) winrate, the deck continues to be relatively the same, but some people include Godhunter Selwyn in their lists, since it’s a Sylvan Justice that doesn’t clog your hand, the deck continues having the trend of having good matchups against both Vengeance and decks that go slower than it/don’t run many wards and folding over Mid Shadow and Daria.

Aggro Forest

Aggro Forest is back! and now according to GameWith it’s a tier 2 deck, and Ipiria has been completely faced out in favor of running the full playset of Fairy Drivers and some Beetle Warriors, also Ancient Elf is now a good addition for the deck since it can act as pseudo bounces for Roach, it also shows a pretty decent winrate of 51.3%(59%/44.2%), however it doesn’t have any MU record that surpasses even 30, so it’s a bit hard to evaluate it’s matchups.

PTP Forest

PTP Forest is back! For those uninitiated, this deck is one of the most viable ways of activating Path to Purgatory, using the fairy tokens and Altered Fate to generates shadows quickly and softening up the opponent with Roach. GameWith classifies the deck as Tier 3, and Shadowlog reports it as having a 51.8%(57.4%/46.5%) winrate, but despite this, and like Aggro Forest, it’s MU records are too low to properly form an opinion.


Taking a bit of a hit to it’s popularity and now being 15.3% of the meta, Blood still hold it’s ground with a 52.4% winrate, but with the increase of Forest’s popularity, it may begin to find some trouble trying to compete, but it’s still decent in the meantime as a class.

Vengeance Blood

Seems like it won’t let go of the 2nd place popularity wise, and it still shows solid results, with a 53.9%(52.6%/55.3%) and with it’s list pretty much already cemented in stone, with really only having the variation of what 2 drops besides DoV and if it includes leggo Vania or not. It still continues to have good matchups against everything except Mid Shadow with 48.5%(44.5%/53.3%), Roach with 40.3%(40.8%/39.8%) and Dirt with 45.3%(40.8%/48.5%)


Having a super fluxing popularity, Haven now finds itself at 5th place with a 10% use rate and a 49.3% winrate.

Tenko Haven

6th most popular deck in the format, and despite GameWith (rightfully) calling it a tier 4 deck, Shadowlog documents it as having a 54.4%(61%/47.7%) winrate, which may or may not mean that someone is inflating it’s winrate, but really who knows, but this theory is may or may not be backed up by the fact that most of it’s matchups are positive, which could be up to something.

Elana Haven

Still competing inside the meta, Elana has currently a 47.9%(53.8%/42.2%) winrate with it’s most recorded matchup that has more than 50 records being Mid Shadow at 49%(45.5%/51.7%)


6th most popular class as of now with an 8.3% use rate and an always deceptive 47.6% win rate, Dragon continues to be one of the least popular yet actually pretty effective classes in the format.

Ramp Dragon

8th most popular deck and still having a sub 40% winrate, 35.7(37.7%/33.6%), I really won’t repeat myself, it struggles against most of the meta decks with the exception of Dirt Rune.

Aggro Dragon

Finally shows it’s face again in the meta report, 7th most popular deck in the format with a 53.1%(59.1%/47.1%) winrate, Aggro Dragon continues to be the premiere aggro deck, and it’s tier 2 according to GameWith, beating combo decks and Mid Shadow going 1st, yet losing to most midrange decks.


Swordcraft shows itself again in the bottom of the use rate despite being not that bad, which is probably caused by it’s one dimensional “curve or die” playstyle, it has the same userate as Dragon, 8.3%, and having a 47.5% winrate.

Mid Sword

7th most popular deck in the meta with a respectable 53.5%(50.6/56.6%) win rate, Mid Sword is holding it’s ground pretty nicely nowadays since it has some pretty decent matchups against both Mid Shadow with a 52.8%(53.6%/52%) and OTK Roach, with less than 50 records though but winning by sheer ward quantity.

So yeah, pretty interesting data this time, so yeah, let’s continue reviewing the mini-expansion spoilers. By the way the plan from now on is to submit these in a bi-weekly format, so don’t expect much next week, but I’ll see you at the end of the month with observations on the mini-expansion, see you next time! 

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