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Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially in Spoiler season! Omen of the Ten just got announced with some fresh new original characters, while everyone is discussing the lore, ties to the story, Omen per class and getting mad because we can’t wait for more cards reveals to drop we’re here to discuss the Unlimited format once more, this time I’m changing the format a bit, I think that from now on I’m gonna present the data like this of, let’s get started

How to read the matchup spread chart: the blocks that are in white represent the regular win rates and have more than 50 records, some blocks are colored orange since these ones have less than 50 records yet are larger than 30, and the ones in red have less than 30, so they’re basically blacked out.


Class Use Rates
Deck Use and Win Rates
Matchup Spread: Average
Matchup Spread: Going 1st
Matchup Spread: Going 2nd
Top Decks Use Rate Chart



Class Use Rates
Deck Use and Win Rates
Match Up Spread: Average
Match Up Spread: Going 1st
Match Up Spread: Going 2nd
Top Decks Use Rate Chart





As we can see Shadow continues to be the biggest contender in the format with the best deck available, also since the meta is already figured out and we are making our way into Omen of the Ten, less people are playing the game in comparison to the other weeks.


Still sitting at the top of the food chain, the class’ Midrange deck is still the top one and the one that should be targeted by players trying to climb, because of this, and just inserting this note here because I really couldn’t find another way to bring this up since the data was a bit too low to properly report despite their overall play data despite showing +50 reports in the Mid Shadow match up spread, decks that are aiming to counter it, like banish-heavy versions of Haven, and Tenko Haven are seeing a bit of a burst in popularity during the 2nd week.


Moving away from Midrange Vengeance builds into a more Combo-Control oriented playstyle thanks to Darkfeast Bat, and while it struggles a bit in the current metagame, it’s high damage mitigation thanks to Mask, Vira and Demonic Ram makes it deceptively durable. While the reports are only starting to come in, Darkfeast Bat’s explosion in popularity actually started in the mini-expansion thanks to the release of Evil Eye Demon, another reason is that it’s also able to outrun DShift.


One of the 2 classes that still have more than 1 popular deck in the meta, thanks to the gatekeeping capabilities for slower control decks (DShift) and it’s consistency (Dirt), despite this Rune saw a big dip in popularity as a whole, since it’s decks struggle being relevant in the current meta game, thanks to Darkfeast Bat and Roach keeping the class at bay while they in turn struggle a bit against Mid Shadow.


Mantaining itself almost to a steady state, Forest’s Roach deck is still the go-to deck in the class because of it’s ability to combat most of the meta game outside of Mid Shadow, and it’s one of the decks that has remained popular to an almost unmovable degree.


Since the meta has been pretty unforgiving to decks that can’t really either outrace the combo-decks or manage well Mid-Shadow, almost all the other classes has starting to struggle in the environment. Haven has almost managed to make it into the list with Seraph and a bit of Tenko, since they are entirely able to manage the latter, yet struggling with Combo. Swordcraft and Dragoncraft haven’t found much success in any of their decks after the first week thanks to Aggro being somewhat unfavorable nowadays, the former’s Midrange deck getting outvalued and outremoved, and the latter’s Ramp deck being both too slow and too susceptible to hard removal, and Portalcraft being, well…Portalcraft.


Well, that was quite the change, I hope you enjoyed this time’s format. If you plan to climb in this current environment you really should either abuse Mid Shadow or target it with a deck that goes well against it, or pick any fast combo deck. Without anything more to add, I wish you luck and see you next time!

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