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Hello everyone, I’m Cleric, I’ve usually written the Shadowverse’s Meta Reports for the Unlimited format in r/Shadowverse for more than a month now, but I’ve been given the chance to write them for Team Rankstar from now on! I hope I can be useful to you and help you get a better understanding on the meta trends in the format. This is my first time writing here, so here’s the deal: I take Shadowlog’s meta trend data, I review it, and discriminate it so I only take note of the decks that have 300 or more records, then add some comments, also if I manage to get a hold of them I add some decklists from time to time. I’ll write some clarifications for people new here and that are unfamiliar with these decks, also this report uses the overall winrate (going 1st/going 2nd) format, also this will be a small recap from the Report I made this weekend, but don’t worry, on the next time Shadowlog updates I’ll upload a new one, so without further adieu, let’s get started!



Another week of Shadow’s dominance with a 20.6% use rate and 54.4% winrate this time. And it continues to show itself as the top class in the format.

Midrange Shadow

A midrange deck reliant on creating sticky boards with skeleton tokens and small followers with a decent amount of removal that aims to make those boards threatening and finish the game thanks to Demonlord Eachtar. Still the most popular deck with a 56.7%(56.3%/57%) winrate,  and thanks to SVO we can see how strong Lady Grey is, pretty much soloing some of the matchups when played at the right time, also it seems that people are starting to embrace Fran, because 4 damage and a Last Words activator for 3pp that gives 2 shadows is preeeeeetty good. It has at the moment almost only positive winrates other than Elana and Tenko, but if you ask me the winrates seem a wee bit too high, sure the deck is pretty good, but is it that indominable? (I’m still saying that the deck struggles against Shift because of their spellboost shenanigans).

Atomy Shadow

Pretty much Mid Shadow with the possibility to highroll into a turn 3 Atomy, pretty much just disregards some cards in the Mid Shadow package for Attendant of the Night and Atomy. Since it’s still Mid Shadow at it’s core it’s pretty good but it has a 58.3%(60.4%/56.4%) winrate which seems quite inflated, only really losing to regular Mid Shadow (because of Lurching Corpse).



20.3% of the meta with a 48% winrate, Rune continues to be the 2nd most popular class in the format thanks to it being somewhat decent at fighting against Vengeance Blood and Midrange Shadow.

DShift Rune

Everyone favorite’s combo deck with a heavy control feel, aims to use Runecraft’s spellboost mechanic to activate Dimension Shift, which give an extra turn upon use, the deck. Took a bit of a hit in popularity since it’s now the 4th most popular deck, and with a 45.4%(48.8%/41.8%) winrate it continues to theorically struggle against most of the meta yet it still bullies Haven into oblivion.

Dirt Rune

A Rune deck that uses the other class mechanic: Earth Rite. The more popular and effective variation uses the Earth Sigils for Burn effects, making the deck a very aggressive one while still maintaining a midrange feel. Still the 5th most popular deck and now it’s actually sporting a pretty good 54.3%(54%/54.7%) winrate, it’s now the premiere Rune deck for climbing since it’s mainly used to target Vengeance Blood since, y’know, they’re doing your job for you, and it now has a bit more than a 60% winrate against DShift, yet it struggles against Roach, since it’s winrate hovers around the 40% against it.

Daria Rune

The other main Spellboost deck, unlike DShift this deck doesn’t spellboost to create OTK scenarios, but to boost Daria, Dimensional Witch to create big, and honestly really unfair, boards in a single turn, making it a tempo deck. Confusing people to this day making them think it’s actually DShift until Daria drops down, Daria is now the 10th most popular deck and has a 47.2%(40%/54.5%) winrate, it can go even against most matchups if it highrolls, and when it does it usually wins on the spot, but it’s especially potent against Vengeance, yet it loses to DShift consistently.



Continues to be the 3rd most popular craft with a 15.3% use rate, yet it’s winrate is suffering a little bit with a 51.7%, but it’s not nearly enough to take it out of the game, since the class continues to be competent enough to ladder with.

Vengeance Blood

Another big contender in the game, with a 52.6%(52.9%/52.4%) winrate, Vengeance is a really aggressive Midrange/Tempo deck that aims to put itself into Vengeance on turn 4 to exploits it’s cards that rely on that mechanic. It still shows itself as a desirable laddering deck since it can win fast if it draws well and it’s competently piloted, yet SVO showed that it is a bit of a crux in the competitive scene because it can also brick pretty hard in the most unfortunate moments, so use it in tournaments with a bit of caution. Still rolling over DShift and Ramp Dragon, yet losing against Roach, Dirt and…now to Tenko with a 36.8%(39.3%/34.5%) winrate? Huh.



Still at 4th place, having a 14.5% use rate and a 54.5% win rate. Forest continues to show results with it’s combo gameplan and shows that it’s not planning to stop anytime soon.

Roach OTK

3rd most popular deck with a 57.2%(60.5%/54%) win rate (wee bit inflated much?) Roach is the other most popular combo deck, aiming to collect 1pp tokens, 0 costed Fairy Wisps and bounce cards to enable OTK combos thanks to Rhinoceroach. This week it seems to mostly sport positive winrates (and the fact that they are almost all +60% makes me really weary of them being inflated) except against Mid Shadow, which has a 40.1%(40%/40.2%) winrate.



Rising from the very bottom, Sword has seen a bit of an increase in use rate, now at 9.5%, yet it suffered a bit of a dip in it’s winrate, which is currently at 46.2%. Seems like Sword is doing a bit rough these days. For the 3rd (4th? I legit stopped counting) time in a row, Aggro Sword didn’t make it into the +300 records, seems like aggro is really not desirable at the moment (though yeah, it has a positive winrate going 1st and curving out so there’s that).

Mid Sword

The other main midrange deck and one of the top ones in the Rotation ladder, it tries to flood the board and outvalue the opponent thanks to it’s token generators on board, Ward followers, and making use of Arthur, King Knight for that effect, using Sky Fortress and Albert Levin Saber to finish off the opponent. Trying to stay relevant at the 8th place, and sometimes it succeeds but seems like it stumbles somewhat, not helping that since not many people are playing it, Mid Sword doesn’t have that many records to actually show it’s matchups at the moment, but in the very least it goes even against Mid Shadow according to Shadowlog.



Continues to be a fluctutating class in terms of popularity, it’s 6th place now, with an userate of 8.8% (which is curiously the same as Haven’s) and a 44.2% winrate, curiously enough Aggro Dragon didn’t make the cut for the 300 necessary records (but just veeeeery slightly since it’s at 299, it has a positive winrate if you’re interested) with only Ramp dragon showing itself in the desired range this time.

Ramp Dragon

Still an amalgamation of different Dragon decks that use Ramp cards (except decks that use Phoenix Roost, since those are being counted as a different deck already) such as Dragon Oracle and Sybil of the Waterwyrm to cheat out big followers in the earlier turns. Not much to say here, 7th most popular deck yet it has a sub 40% winrate, it gets countered by the current top meta decks and then some (with the exception of Burn Rune because of Ramp’s healing), moving on.



The obvious finally happened, Haven is now at the bottom of the use rates…almost. It has an 8.8% use rate like Dragon yet it fairs a little bit better with a 45.7% win rate.

Tenko Haven

A deck that relies completely on Tenko’s Shrine, an amulet that deals damage to the board and to the face every time you are healed, It’s filled to the brink with healing cards and aims to outgrind the opoonent.  Curiously enough Shadowlog documents Tenko as the 6th most popular deck with a 51.5%(56%/48%) winrate, despite it realistically showing up on ladder not that frequently, beating Mid Shadow 59.6%(53.8%/65.4%) and…Vengeance 63.2%(65.5%/60.7%)? Now I’m actually curious what changes were made to the deck.

Elana Haven

Because every Haven deck wants to heal nonstop nowadays, Elana also relies on healing, but this time it uses Elana’s Prayer to buff it’s boards. 9th most popular deck with a 47.2%(45.3%/49.2%), we all know how Elana has the ability to highroll it’s followers’ buffs into making them nigh-unremovable. According to Shadowlog it’s best matchup that has more than 50 records is Mid Shadow with a 50.9%(51.7%/50%) winrate.



Insert snide remark about a 2% use rate and 42.4% winrate class

No but really, despite it’s dominance in the Rotation ladder and for people unfamiliar with the Unlimited format, Portal has never been competitively viable here because it has yet to be able to create a fast enough deck for the format, since it’s fastest win condition (Orchis) is 1 turn too slow, and it’s cards lack a little bit more punch to them, in my opinion it lacks both that and at least another 1 drop to be able to properly compete, but we’ll see.


So not a lot has changed in the format from last week it seems, like most of the time, well, we’ll probably have to wait until the mini-expansion gets released to see if it makes any impact in this format and if any card gets nerfed/restricted in that patch, so, see you next time.

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