Shadowlog’s data for these 2 weeks:


SURPRISE! Thought you saw the last of me? Think again! (It’s hard not to curse eugh), But whatever, this will be a bit of a tough one since this is gonna be not 1, but 2 weeks worth of content, s-so, let’s begin, shall we? As always I’ll only take note of decks that have 300 or more records, and for each matchup I’ll take the ones that hover or are greater than 50 and the win rates will, as always, be written in the format of overall(going 1st/going 2nd), but this time I’ll also use a dash in the win rates, which signals the difference of win rate in the 1st and 2nd week. This time around I’ll provide some deck lists myself and some Gamewith ones, because you know how easy is it to find respectable lists, right?



Before the mini expansion it sat at 2nd place with an use rate of 21.2% and a win rate of 53.2%, yet after that it now sits at the 1st place throne, with a 30.3% use rate and a 55.6% win rate, amazing what just 1 card does to a whole class huh.


Biggest winner out of all the mini expansion, the addition of Gremory made the deck from strong but (mostly) fair to really oppressive since now you can’t leave anything on board from turn 5 onwards. The deck went from having it’s win rates plummeting at first since it was starting to have some tough time (despite having a 53.3%(57.6%/49.3%) win rate overall) against DShift with 49.3%(55.9%/43.6%), Dirt with 49.3%(55.9%/43.6%), PTP Forest with 43.6%(47.1%/40.9%), Atomy with , Mid Sword with 40.8%(35.1%/47.1%), Tenko with 40.7%(44.1%/36%) and Daria with 47.9%(47.6%/48.1%), to having it COMPLETELY EXPLODE over the last week with a 57%(59%/55.1%) winrate and with positive to oppressive winrates against everything, hell, it reached 70+% against Ramp Dragon and Aggro Sword. Word of advice, star Gremory, Prince Catacomb and Lady Grey, we don’t know what will be touched, probably Gremory but we don’t know yet.


Only showed itself in the 1st week at 7th place, with a probably inflated 60.2%(62.3%/58.3%) win rate with a +55% against Mid Shadow, Vengeance Blood, DShift and Dirt (which leads me to believe they were tampered with), yet it completely phased out of the meta in the 2nd week, since Eachtar-Gremory showed themselves as a better latter option than this.


Went from the most popular class with a 22.3% use rate and an almost average 49.9% win rate to falling a place towards 2nd with a 21.1% use rate and a 48.6% use rate, one of the reasons it’s still popular is that it has one of the biggest advantages fighting Mid Shadow, with its bounces and removal, it’s not really positive, but it’s something.


Went from the 3rd most popular deck with a 46.3%(48.8%/43.6%) win rate to the 2nd most popular deck with a 46.6%(48.2%/44.9%). It didn’t have any impressive win rates as always at first, but it could hold Its ground relatively well against Mid Shadow with a 50.7%(56.4%/44.1%), but after the mini expansion it’s win rate plummeted into the negatives, yet winning against Daria with a win rate that hovers around 60/70% (the reports are less than 50 so I can’t reliably say), but that’s about it.


Went from the 5th most popular deck with a 55.7%(58%/53.2%) win rate to rising towards the 3rd place with a 53.7%(56%/51.4%). Dirt continues to be the most reliable deck in Runecraft for the format, beating Vengeance with 63.2%(60.9%/65.6%) – 67.5%(57.9%/76.2%) and Roach with 55%(64.3%/43.2%) – 59.3%(61.7%/56.4%) yet in the 1st week it lost to Atomy with a 42.6%(40.7%44.4%), and the advantage it had against Mid Shadow going 1st at…err…first completely disappeared in the 2nd week, with a 41.4%(47.1%/35.9%).


Placing itself from outside the top 10 with a 48.7%(49.7%/47.7%) win rate, toward 7th place with 46.7%(44.3% /48.9%), Daria highrolls continue to be popular, yet they’re just that, highrolls, without them the deck falls flat. Sadly in both weeks the data has been having less than 50 records, so it’s hard to say how it performs nowadays on its matchups, but following that data without the ability to go much into detail, it was even to almost positive against Mid Shadow on the 1st week, yet on the 2nd it managed to win against Dirt.


Bloodcraft has been on a bit of a weird spot nowadays, in the 1st week it fell towards the 5th place with an use rate of 13.2% and a subpar win rate of 48.5%(50% /47.1%), yet post mini expansion it climbed itself back towards 3rd place with a 14.1% use rate, yet still having a sub 50% win rate with a 49.7%(49.6%/49.7%), Bloodcraft have seen better days, but in the very least it’s not that bad.


Stayed at 4t with a 48.8%(47.5%/50.1%) – 53%(51.4%/54.5%) win rate, in the 1st week it only won against DShift with a 53.9%(52.5%/55.2%), which increased towards the 59.8%(59.6%/60%) in the 2nd one, yet having sub 45% win rate against Mid Shadow, Dirt, and Roach in both weeks. With the increase in popularity in Dirt, it’s no wonder it has struggled as of lately.


With Vengeance Blood getting diminishing returns, Aggro saw a bit of a resurgence towards the 2nd week being outside the top 10, yet so far it shows a 47.6%(49.7%/45.6%) win rate, losing against almost all meta decks, yet beating DShift, which Vengeance already did, so let’s see how Blood manages to recover.


Went from 3rd place, being 16% of the meta and a 52.7% winrate, yet it fell off 1 place towards 4th to a 9.3% use rate and a 51.8% win rate. It also went from having 2 relevant decks to only 1, Forest continues to be a decent option for laddering in the meantime.


One of the decks that suffered the most on the increased power of Midrange Shadow, though apparently only in popularity. Went from the 2nd most popular deck with a win rate of 55%(58.3%/51.6%) to plummeting towards the 5th place, yet still sporting a healthy 53.7%(58.3%/48.9%). At first the deck was pretty good across the board against most meta decks, with the exception of Mid Shadow and Dirt going 2nd with a 47.3%(56.9%/36.7%) and a 45%(56.8%/35.7%) respectively, yet, as with most decks, being completely crushed by Shadow after the mini expansion and losing the advantage against Dirt with a 40.7%(43.6%/38.3%) Despite this, Roach seems to still do fine.


Was only relevant during the 1st week and, like Atomy, disappeared from the meta in the 2nd one, it was the 7th most popular deck and sported a 54.8%(63.3%/45.7%) win rate. It had a 56.4%(59.1%/52.9%) win rate against Mid Shadow and a 56.3%(50%/63.6%) against Vengeance, but that was pretty much it, all of its other records were too low to really analyse correctly.


Steady as a rock, it cemented itself in both weeks as the 5th most popular craft with a 9.1% – 7.8% use rate, and a 48% – 44.4% win rate. The class in theory should have a relatively decent time against Shadow, but it seems like it’s been struggling so far. Only time will tell if it actually is decent against Shadow or not.


So far, the deck has been the only “relevant” one in the class, and after the mini expansion that’s a bit of a stretch, in the 1st week it had a positive win rate against Mid Shadow at 59.3%(64%/55.9%), yet not really being good against anything in the 2nd one, bear in mind that Dirt is the exception to this, since the deck has a positive win rate against it in both weeks, yet it has subpar records so it’s hard to say to which extent.


As with Haven, it sustained its position as the 6th most popular deck, with an 8.4% – 7.6% use rate, and a 45.9% – 43.2% win rate. Sword is quite struggling to be relevant, since they didn’t get any new relevant tools in the mini expansion and while people were experimenting with the legendary with decks that run Leonidas and a neutral engine, it so far seems to need a bit of new blood injected into it.


The most relevant deck in the class, went from the 9th place with a 48%(45.9%/49.8%) win rate, to the 7th place with a 48.2%(49.5%/47.1%). The deck continues to be almost meta, but not helping matters is that it’s advantage against Mid Shadow, which was 60%(55.2%/63.9%),  got completely shattered after the mini expansion, and to top it all off, the deck continues to be relatively unpopular, without having many other records from the other matchups available.


Only showed itself in the 1st week, being just outside the top 10 with a 45.9%(49.6%/42.5%), the deck continues to be the biggest DShift bully, but that was the only thing that could be said about it, with such a low amount of records it’s hard to say how well it performed.


At the very bottom we find Dragon, again, with a 7.2% – 7% use rate and a 45.5% – 41.7% win rate and with Aggro Dragon nowhere to be found again, Dragon is in a really bad spot in the format, while the new additions boosted its performance in Rotation, they didn’t make any relevant impact in Unlimited.


Only deck showed this time, yet it had a bit of a boost of popularity since it went from the 10th to the 6th place in popularity, despite this, the deck still shows less than 40% win rate in both weeks, And since Shadow is not showing any signs of stopping being the most popular deck in the format, it will continue to struggle.


SERIOUSLY, YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY KNOW, Portal is still less than 3% of the meta, yet somehow, again, Puppets showed themselves in the very end of the top 10, which is probably because people wanted to see if Cucuroux gave Portal any advantage in this format, though maybe it did? Since it showed a 52.3%(58.3%/46.7%) win rate, yet its matchup records are too low to say what it does well against with only the Mid Shadow matchup being relevant here, with a 45.7%(56.4%/32.3%). Firstverse indeed.  


OK so far it seems that Shadow has to get an adjustment sooner or later because those numbers are troubling, anyways I’m done for these period, see you in 2 weeks!

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  1. Why there’s 3 goblins in aggro blod deck and only 1 cursebrand vampire? Isn’t better to have 3 vampires and 1 goblin in that deck instead?

    1. Sorry for the very late reply, but the single cursebrand vampire is because, while it’s useful in the early game, Cursebrand Vampire dillutes your pulls for other more impactful cards from Baphomet.

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