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We’re now officially in the Omen of the Ten metagame, and so far it seems that people are still experimenting somewhat, though less than in Rotation. Also after the nerfs to some cards things should have changed in the format, so let’s see what changed! I’ll provide some deck lists, some mine and some from Enchated Library, which may be unoptimized since most of them were from the 1st week. I also apologize for not making the report 2 weeks ago, some IRL stuff came across and ate my time.

As always, boxes in orange are records between 50 and 30 and boxes in red have less than 30.


Class Use %
Deck Use %
Deck Use % chart
Overall W%
W% going 1st
W% going 2nd


Class Use %

Deck Use %
Deck Use % chart
Overall W%
Win % going 1st
Win % going 2nd



So far the meta game has been shifting a bit, since these are the first weeks of the expansion people are flocking towards aggro decks to rank up quickly before people start seriously optimizing their lists. Also we can see some new faces in town comparing these weeks to the last ones!


The biggest winner out of the expansion so far. Blood’s popularity has skyrocketed, having Darkfeast Bat as its premiere deck! And with the new cards the deck has basically branched out into 2 slightly different directions: the more traditional version focusing on removal and card draw which is slower yet more consistent, and a more aggressive version that relies more on a highroll focusing on the Lust package + Flauros to pressure the opponent as much as they can and possibly win even before it reaches the Bat turns, yet is more reliant on it’s draws and can run out of fuel more easily. Yet so far, unlike in Rotation, DBat has more counterplay options that can keep it in check, like OTK Forest, and the deck can struggle against decks that either rely on burst damage or can easily heal their damage unless they use the Flauros version to highroll them.

DBat version 1:

DBat version 2:


Shadow got a bit of a hit after the restriction to Gremory, but with the addition of both Rulenye and Cerberus in the deck can still give headaches to the opponent in the midgame and mess up their plans, and Cerberus can be honestly unfair from time to time, but since DBat is getting really popular and Haven is getting on the rise because of that, the deck tends to suffer because of that since it relies heavily on it’s board. One thing to note though is that its winrates in the second week may have been tampered with, since they look too inflated to be true.

Midrange Shadow:


Getting itself out of purgatory and back into a force to be reckoned with, Dragon has proven once again to have the premiere aggro deck, and now it has adopted the Disdain package to make itself more well-rounded against the various threats in the metagame, and with each expansion it seems that the deck slowly transforms itself into an aggressive midrange deck rather than an actual aggro deck. Ramp Dragon was also played at the start but it quickly phased itself out due to underperforming in the environment.

Aggro Dragon:


Rune continues to be somewhat popular, yet DShift has been slowly transitioning out of the meta game, in no small part because DBat has a very similar, but better gameplan (despite both decks having different counters). Instead people are now successfully trying to make Mysteria Burn work. Similar to ER Rune, Mysteria also focuses on burning the opponent down and wants to go as agressive as possible, it also incorporates a bit of the Daria elements thanks to both Anne and Miranda, unlike ER however the deck can be much more explosive in the late game thanks to the Anne’s Sorcery + Oz combo, but it also suffers from it’s bigger reliance on the correct draws.

Mysteria Burn:


Have players have become really creative nowadays, in no small part thanks to City of Gold and it’s wide array of applications on most decks in the class, people have been experimenting with Storm/Tempo decks, Seraph decks, yet one that is the most surprising, and that doesn’t show itself here either, is Holy Mage, a deck made by NoteArk which made them reach GM, and because of that, it has been popping in ladder often. It remains to be seen which version is gonna end up being the superior one, but so far it looks like both Storm and Seraph are the strongest candidates.

Holy Mage Haven:


As every time an expansion drops, Aggro Sword got a huge burst in popularity during the first week of the meta game, since it’s one of the most effective decks against unrefined lists, and, as always again, it got phased out in favor of different decks. In this case Midrange Sword got a bit of a boost in popularity, thanks to people wanting to try the new Loot cards in the format, which helped a little bit against Mid Shadow, but not by much, and because I would assume is the belief from Rotation players that the deck also has a good fighting chance against DBat in this format too, with the data backing up that claim. however the class remains relatively unpopular, mainly because Mid Shadow has better matchups and has a similar gameplan.


In a very similar vein as in Rotation, Forest’s popularity as a whole plummeted towards the ground, in part because realistically only 1 card was added to the competitive Forest lineup, and even Roach seems to suffer nowadays because of Mid Shadow, despite this however, the class is still one of the better equiped to fight against Blood , since Roach can steal games if the Blood player is not careful enough. Time will tell if Forest will recover from this blow.

Roach Forest:

That about wraps it up, apparently both Mid Shadow and DBat will rule the format this month, but there is still some room left for experimentation, until next time, bye.

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