My take on how Valve can save Artifact!

I know a lot of people already lost hope on Artifact’s future, but as we could read on JoshSampson article [Click here] the game ain’t dead yet! So… What’s next? What can be done? Should we pray or make a demon pact? Well I get asked these questions very often, and now I found time to collect all my thoughts in form of a TODO list, so we can together make Artifact great “again”! (Of course, that requires Valve to listen to us and work on it.)

1- Free to Play

Honestly I have no idea why Artifact didn’t launch as a FTP game, since the game has a ton of fun free to play content like drafts and pre-made gauntlets. Let people test your game, give them tickets weekly or so, even if that means you would start the game without packs.

2- Player Profile

Why am I the only one that can see my profile? Where are my bragging rights? Skill ranting means absolutely nothing if you can’t show off. And also, make a decent Player Profile, much like DotA2, where you can see all kinds of stats, previous matches, Achievements and Trophies, win rates, favorite heroes and colors, play style diagram. And let everyone click on your picture to see your beautiful profile.

3- Account Progression

Skill Rating and Leveling systems seem to have been developed over a few minutes by one lazy guy. As a GameDev I know you can do better Valve! Also… Although the icons were a good start, they aren’t nearly enough. You should get a lot of other stuff to compensate the time players are putting into your game, which brings us to our next topic in this list.

4- Skins and All Kinds of Sparkling Stuff

Valve is well known for doing this right on other games, so why not with Artifact? You need to have cool stuff for people to show off, to acquire, to put in some hours (or money) in order to get them. Card backs, SFX and animations, imp skins, tower skins, terrain, portraits, the possibilities are endless. And you can also release workshop tools for that so people can make cool content like DotA 2.

5- In Game Currency

It could be tickets, it could be something new, but the game really needs some kind of in game currency, not to buy packs (we don’t want to mess with the real money market stuff), but to buy all those things stated above. Even if at first there aren’t many things to buy, getting rich has a good feeling to it.

6- Balance

I could fly to Seattle anytime and help the Artifact team with balancing decisions if they wanted me to. There are just a lot of things that require changing, way too many for me to list them all here, so maybe I’ll save that topic for a future article. However, what I can say right now is that the game needs some more love and attention here, especially with cards that have way too much RNG or that can combo into a perfect hand (ex: Track, Payday, Ramp…)

7- Sidedeck

PLEASE! If nothing that I said here so far is going to be implemented, at least please, I beg you, do this one! So many more strategies and different deck lists could become playable, so many more heroes and cards, so much more stuff to mess around with! My suggestion is, for bo3 games, your deck can have an additional hero, 2 items, and 10 cards (7 + 3 signature) that you can swap between each match. Same as Magic, always keeping the exact same number of heroes, cards and items your deck previously had.

8- Future Tournaments Tab

A simple, easy way to post and search for world wide tournaments inside the game and apply for them. I know a lot of people struggle to find where to play, and need to be constant looking at 20+ discords and websites, awaiting links to be posted, and the organizers also won’t know how many people would be playing. That includes better tools for our tournament maker – I know a ton of people already pointed out current problems, so I’ll skip going too far into it.

(Now things get REAL)

9- Real Life Money Tournaments
Don’t ask me how, I don’t really know the legal stuff behind this, and if it can be done for real. But the idea is for us to have a way of joining in game tournaments hosted by Valve bots 24/7. Much like the Poker platforms where you can simply join a room, wait for it to become full and then the game starts, you would have different entry fees room, and the prize is all of the entry fees less 5% (so Valve won’t be sad), divided by the top 4. Something like 60-25-5-5 seems fair to me. Games should be bo3 single elimination so that it won’t take way too long and will allow players to even make a living out of playing this kind of tournament daily. I mean, let’s suppose you are playing a $10 128 player tournament, you would receive $768 for first place. So as long as you can get 1st place in one out of 76 tournaments you enter, you should be making profit (not even counting 2nd, 3rd and 4th places you might get along the way).


We are done being anxious and not knowing what is going on!!

Mr Blanes

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    PLEASE volvo listen to this man

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