Welcoming Shank and SzotyMAG to Team Rankstar!
We continue this weeks AMAZING announcements with welcoming Shank and SzotyMAG …
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Trail Stories: Neon
Age: 30 Birthplace: Arnprior, Ontario Team Affiliation: A+Space I suppose? Most …
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Hive Offender Talks About Twitch Drops… Again
Recently I was watching my favorite streamer on Twitch, patiently waiting …
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Meta Monday: Organized Play
Welcome to Meta Monday! This week we finally received the organized …
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The Next Round of Nerfs: Gazing into the Crystal Ball
The Hearthstone development team, Team 5, rigorously playtests their cards before …
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Shocking at Death’s Door: A 1st Place Legacy Tournament Report
Last year I had the most successful magic year of my …
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