My name is Aphelion, and I am the founder and co-owner of Team Rankstar. Originally, Team Rankstar was tossed around as an idea for a Wild Hearthstone and/or Eternal team. As we primarily focused on Eternal initially, we grew to include a plethora of others games, always staying focused on digital collectible card games.

I come from a background in gaming, starting with mostly JRPG’s and shooters when I was younger. Loving the Final Fantasy and Halo series, I eventually moved into online gaming with World of Warcraft, and fell in love. Community building has always been very important to me, and has been the driving factor in me staying involved with online gaming. Some of my closest friends and fondest memories revolve around it, so I wanted to do something that might be even more impactful in the online gaming communities I cared about.

Currently, I work full time (and then some), with Team Ransktar being very much a growing hobby. I plan to grow it to a point where it can stand on its own two feet some day, and am beyond happy it has developed passed the phase of “passion project”. I look forward to the day where it is a recognizable name in each game work in, and look forward to continuing to grow.

If ever you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord at: [TRS] Aphelion#2577 or email me at [email protected]