Ahoy friends! My name is Ian, but I’m better known as DeadBrokeNerd! I’m 24 and I do all sorts of things with the Elder Scrolls: Legends including streaming on twitch, making youtube videos, writing articles, competing in tournaments, and occasionally casting! Although I only began streaming in August I’ve actually been playing Elder Scrolls: Legends since its release!

Card games and board games have been a huge part of my life since I first sat down to learn Pokemon with my father! Throughout my life I’ve competed in events for Yugioh, VS System, and Legend of the Five Rings and I casually play many more including Magic, Hearthstone, and Gwent!

I focus my streams on being relaxed and informative, showcasing both top tier competitive decks as well as fun off-meta choices. I’ve also been known to do monthly laddering challenges and every week I have a blast doing Two-Game Tuesday where I split-screen ladder with TESL and Hearthstone at the same time! My signature class is Crusader, my favorite card is Skaven Pyromancer, and I still don’t get everyone’s hatred of Mundus Stone! Outside of TESL, I’m a huge D&D fan, a voice actor, an ultimate frisbee player and a rowing coach!

I’m very excited to be working with Team Rankstar and I’m so grateful to the awesome TESL community for their support!