Hi my name is Denis but am better known as DrDenuz. Am a slav by blood being born and living in Slovakia a country in the heart of the Europe. My Gwent journey has started in the summer of 2017 when I downloaded the game and spent 25 hours in it straightaway(a bit crazy I know but I loved it!). Since then I have established myself as mainly a meme player being quite successful by reaching Pro Rank! My ambition with Gwent is to prove my meme decks to be competitive worthy and getting to Pro Rank.

The TRS chapter started for me after couple of producing Gwent content on the internet and getting to know people. One of them being BabyJosus who hooked me up with Aphelion who gave me a trial as a journalist for TRS. I happily took that but our had to part for some time because of my finals. But after the finals were successfully behind me I’ve written to Aphelion once again who game a trial again that has come to an end today.

With that being said am happy to announce that am officially a part of Team Rankstar’s Content team and am ready to bring my best for the team!