Hi there, I’m Alex or EndoZoa and along with Paulo (PDMD) and Chris (Lateralus19) I am one of the first recruits for the TRS Tournament Team. I’ve been playing legends competitively for about a year now, though I took a 4 month break in the middle while future prospects for the game looked grim and ground mtgo. The announcement of TESLCS brought me back and I’ve been taking the game more seriously since, getting a top 10 ladder finish (#6 April) and qualifying for 2 of the 3 TESLCS championships. You may also know me as the primary caster for WarpMeta with whom TRS is starting to work more closely. I’ve also done some written work for TRS, my first solo article was “The Waiting Game” and I worked with Warriors and Karakon on the Epics Crafting guide. I am putting out a biweekly article recaping the weekly WarpMeta tournaments and meta trends and hope to do more in depth strategy articles from time to time. I’ve also been developing a streaming presence so hopefully many of you will know me from there! As shouldn’t be too shocking my stream is primarily educational, focusing on me and my viewers learning together. I also coach and have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of players, all the way from those in the top 10 of ladder rankings to people brand new to the genre. If you are interested in coaching I hope you’ll check me out!