Hi team, my name is Sophie and I’m a Twitch Partnered streamer excited to be working with Team Rankstar!

I discovered The Elder Scrolls: Legends (TESL) in August 2017 whilst seeking solace from the darkness of over a decade playing and working for text-based MORPGs (yes, text-based, really).  Deciding to stream TESL opened the doors to the wonderful TESL community in March 2018 and I haven’t looked back since.

 I love to have fun on my streams and enjoy collaborating with other streamers.  I’m a big advocate for continuing to learn so I receive regular coaching in whichever game I’m playing and these coaching sessions are often streamed.

Where does the name come from? Eolis was an alt character of mine from an MORPG as my main name was taken when signing up for TESL.  Originally I picked up the name as the sword from The Twilight Reign Series by Tom Lloyd (I really need to finish this series).  Incidentally it’s also your home village if you decide to pick up the game Faxanadu!
How do you pronounce Eolis?  Honestly, at this stage I’ve heard so many iterations you can pronounce it however you’d like.
Come make fun of my misplays at twitch.tv/Eolis or check out my Twitter below to follow what I’m up to!