Hi, I’m Evan but you probably know me better as erobert in Mythgard!

I started playing Magic in Revised and I’ve always loved every aspect of Collectible Card Games since then. From obscure games like White Wolf’s Arcadia to digital games like Shadowverse, I have always loved every aspect of these games from deck building to organized play and rule systems.

I had been searching for a new game to play on mobile and the alpha of Mythgard has been everything I wanted and more! I was happy to join Team Rankstar, writing articles to explore this game as it fits into a long history of card games and bring others into the fold of this excellent new game.

My Mythgard content frequently veers into the more abstract and philosophical, historicizing aspects of Mythgard in the history of card games. While literary studies, where I work primarily as a scholar and instructor, has some burgeoning interest in video game studies, card games generally are woefully understudied even among these scholars. With Team Rankstar I’m happy as well to have the opportunity to write more about digital and paper card games in this context!