With over a decade of stage performing and radio experience, Flake has found his niche in the hosting role within the gaming world. A veteran of both paper and digital card games, he has collected 20 years of fond CCG memories to share and draw from.

Having cut his teeth on the mainstream paper card games of the 90s and 2000s, Flake dove into the digital scene with the launch of Hearthstone. With a broad acumen that includes Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars: CCG, Lord of the Rings: TCG, Pokemon and Battletech, all the way to the digital titans of today, Flake’s well-rounded experience spans several decades of card game innovation.

A recurring and respected guest on many CCG podcast brands, Flake doesn’t hold back with his honest and sharp opinions. Streaming modestly on Twitch, he will entertain and innovate, placing a focus on building a kind and supportive community.

As the host of Gwent’s Challenger #4, Flake established himself as a personality to watch on the eSports scene. Charismatic and witty, Flake can usually find the right pun for the right occasion, all while asking the right questions.

Flake is in his element when conversing with viewers and playing cards. He adores discussing a plethora of topics with all walks of life. Friendly and accommodating, Flake makes it his mission to make sure everyone feels loved and welcome.

Flake resides in Toronto, Canada, and is a devout Los Angeles Dodgers and Montreal Canadiens fan. He has a passion for golf, and has one hole-in-one under his belt (Par 3, 125 yards, 9-iron). Flake has an unhealthy knowledge of Star Wars lore, and considers himself the Han Solo of this reality. Ask him about his comic book collection that he plans on retiring off of.