Brandon ‘gulox2’ Parker may be a video game player for close to 35 years, but has jumped into the CCG and content creation realm for the first time with Gwent.

A player since open beta, gulox2 (that’s ‘gulo times two’, for accuracy) has played a prodigious amount of Gwent, with Skellige being his faction of choice. At time of writing, he is nearing 6,200 lifetime wins for the faction of pirates and brigands (making him the de facto and self-proclaimed King of Skellige). He has also qualified for pro ladder five times during his time playing the Homecoming rework of Gwent.

Brandon looks to have fun playing the game, and is always willing to lend a new player some advice, all while trying to pull off some ridiculous play at the same time. His next goal in the world of competitive Gwent is to reach pro ladder again and maintain placement on pro ladder, all while representing both the Isles of Skellige and Team Rankstar to the best of his ability.