Hello! I’m Luis or Izana in TES:L. I have the pleasure to represent the hispanic community in the game, and this is actually a big deal for me. Since January, 2018 I started streaming consistently to fill the gap in content creation in Spanish/English after I finally obtained my Ms. in Computer Science in December, 2017.

I started playing CCG when Hearthstone invited me to their closed beta, but eventually got tired of their game design. After leaving HS, I went on a trip trying several CCG like Gwent, Eternal, Hex, Shadowverse, and landed finally on Legends when it got announced. My journey began two weeks before the open beta release, so I have witnessed the rise and fall of many deck archetypes, cards, streamers, and memes. Since Heroes of Skyrim I have the goal to always reach Legend, and since January, reach top 100 each month and face the most competitive players in the game, being my highest rank Legend #14.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach, share, and learn from my fellow teammates and the whole Legends community with the help of Team Rankstar. My social media accounts are always open for everyone!