Hello, I’m Josh Sampson! Ever since middle school I have been a competitive card game player. Originally starting with Magic: The Gathering (MTG), I found a deep passion in competing in this environment. As I got older I was able to travel more, play in larger events, and succeed in goals I would set myself in MTG. I saw large success in the MTG Grand Prix circuit, consistently making day to and cashing the events. Constructed was always my focus but the format did not matter. Standard, Modern, Legacy, and even the occasional Vintage event. As life started to settle, namely finishing college and getting married, I lost my ability to travel as much I would have liked. Due to this, I turned from MTG to Hearthstone due to being able to always play from the comfort of my home. After hitting legend almost every season and helping grow a Hearthstone Tournament Community, I fell in love with the digital card game world. With the announcement of Artifact, I was overly excited to jump into a game that blended my two favorite games, MTG and Hearthstone together.