Howdy folks! My name is Chris aka Lateralus19. My first exposure to strategy card games was Magic back when I was a youngster around the time of the Portal block. I played competitive Magic off and on until about two years ago when my son was born. I have played several online CCGs including HS, Infinity Wars, Scrolls, Hand of the Gods, etc. at various competitive and casual levels. I have been playing TESL since July 2016. I have competed competitively off and on when my life allows. I have a few top 4 ESL and/or TESLCS finishes and several top 8s in both. I have a handful of top 32 finishes on the ladder as well and will be looking to add to that as I have recently refocused my efforts on improving my gameplay and mindset. I have been streaming a bit off and on since March 2017. I used to contribute to the BTL Meta Snapshots. I hope that with Team Rankstar, I will be able to have more of an impact on this fantastic community!