Hey, I’m Alex, or Lazergician, one of TRS’ content creators and a casting specialist for The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

My history with card games starts with Yugioh in elementary and middle school. I remember talking about the TV show with friends at school, talking about cool cards we just opened in a pack over the weekend, and running to Toys ‘R’ Us on Saturdays to play in their regularly scheduled equivalent of Friday Night Magic. I had approximately 0 idea what deckbuilding was or how to approach the game beyond “whoa, this big dragon is awesome!”, and it was an absolute blast.

For the next few years I played a ton of video games, predominantly role playing games, and got into Dungeons and Dragons towards the end of high school, around 2011 (a game I still play frequently, and adore from both sides of the Dungeon Master’s screen). Around that time, my brother and I started to play Hearthstone, again as casually as you can get. This is where I was introduced to the concepts of aggro, control, tempo, and all the terminology so often used in CCGs.

I played Hearthstone on and off through college. Then, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and I was hooked. I played on and off during beta and initial release, and have played consistently since the Heroes of Skyrim expansion, hitting Legend with midrange prophecy mage. Lately, I’ve been focusing the majority of my TESL efforts towards casting the competitive scene. My dream is to one day cast Bethesda’s official tournaments, and I’m excited to cast my way to the top!