Hi, my name is lezzemos! I started my gaming career in the Elwynn Forrest when I was just 8 years old playing Vanilla World of Warcraft. This is where my love for the Warcraft Universe started and the love affair never went away. So when I heard that a new WoW card game was being made and there was an Open Beta, I had to jump in and see what the hype was about.

One Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque later and I was hooked. I played very casually until the midrange shaman meta, where I first decided I wanted to play competitively. Since then I have hit legend consistently and traveled to various events such as Dremhack Montreal and HCT Philly. I am a TESPA regional Qualifier. The next part of my career will include more casting and coaching. I excited to start the next part of this journey with Team Rankstar!