Mitch “Magikarp” began online competitive play back in 2013 grinding Magic Online Limited formats. He won an online MTG PTQ going 13-0 in the process qualifying him for PT Montreal. Since then he has been a long time MTGO, Hearthstone, and Eternal grinder finding some success in all three games.

After taking the competitive scene a little less seriously for awhile he decided to go for one of his dreams, streaming on Twitch. While he streams part-time, he is always trying to improve his game and help others improve. He can be found at sporadic times throughout the week, practicing for whatever card game he is competing in next.

He is a proud member of Gaby Spartz’s stream team, Viperbrood, and is a community ambassador for his local gym in Corvallis, Oregon, Hammerheart Strength and Conditioning.


5 Eternal Tournament Series Weekly Top 8’s

1 Eternal Tournament Series Win

Eternal Tournament Series Invitational S1 Top 4

Eternal Tournament Series Invitational S2 Top 16

ETS Rookie All Stars Invite

Currently qualified for ETS community World Championships.

Has an over 65% win rate in the ECL community tournament series.

Fun Fact: Favorite decks include Feln Control, Praxis Midrange, and Rakano Midrange/Aggro

Magic: the Gathering

GP Portland 23rd Place

GP Salt Lake City 14th Place

SCG Portland 2nd Place

Magic Online PTQ win

2 time top 25 Magic Online Constructed Player of the Year

Fun fact: Once grinded 65 QP’s on Magic Online in one month


Thursday-Friday 7pm – 10pm PST (or later)

Saturday ETS Stream when available, starting around 7am PST, if none then 7pm – 10pm PST