Hi, my name is Matthew Borchers, but I am better known by my creative user name “mattyborch”. I’m an individual who is absolutely hooked on CCGs; I grew up in the Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh generation, and then rediscovered card games with the release of Hearthstone. Since then I have spent time in Magic: The Gathering and The Elder Scrolls: Legends (TESL). My major accomplishments in TESL include two top 10 ladder finishes, two second place Warpmeta finishes, and finishing top #100 on ladder every month since first making legend in January 2018. Life sometimes interrupts my ability to participate in tournaments, but I try to play with every opportunity I get. I enjoy engaging with the TESL community wherever I can, whether it is on the TESL discord, subreddit, or Twitch section. My greatest contribution to content for TESL is working with Warriors7 & Co. on meta snapshots, as well posts to Legends Decks. Some of my favorite decks are mid and aggro sorcerer, aggro dagoth, mid battlemage, and classic control scout (I miss you 7/7 bats).