MercurioBlue started playing Magic: the Gathering in 1996, then took a break from 1998-2012. He re-discovered his love of MtG at the Magic Core Set 2013 prerelease in 2012, and has been playing MtG every week since then. He started playing Eternal during the closed beta in August 2016 after watching a friend stream it. He prefers to play MtG draft/Eternal draft but also enjoys playing MtG standard/modern constructed formats, and Eternal constructed. He also enjoys playing other card games such as Gwent, Mythgard and Causa.

He began Twitch streaming in August 2017, as a way of getting better at card games and meeting people who enjoy socializing over a shared love of gaming. He usually streams Saturday/Sunday/Monday, Thursdays, and sometimes Wednesdays from 6 pm PST-10 pm PST.

Eternal achievements include 3 time top 100 masters in draft (finishing March 2019 at #10).

Magic achievements include winning 6 Game Day tournaments.