Hi, my name is Paulo (PauloDiogo in game) but you might know me on twitch as Pdmd28. I’m glad to join the TRS Tournament Team along side with EndoZoa.

I have been playing legends for more then 2 years now. I started when open beta started, and have been an avid player trying to get top legend every month. I regularly finish top 20-30 Legend, have a couple of top 4’s and top 8’s in both TESLCS and ESL GO4. I also wrote some articles for BetweenTheLanes to help new players getting started.

I offer coaching, and you might know one of the players I been coaching/helping: Earlmiester. With only 2 months of playing this game he already has a top 10 finish to his name!

Sadly I’m unable to stream due to my bad internet and old PC, but it is a goal of mine to enter the streaming world soon!

I’m glad to join TRS and look forward to working together to make an impact in the community and improve it as much as we can.

Usually stream 1pm to 4pm GMT+0


The Elder Scrolls: Legends

2 top 4s in TESL Champion Seires

5 top 8s in ESL Go4 Cups

1 top 10 Legend Finish

5 top 20 Legend Finishes

9 top 30 Legend Finishes

Legends Decks