Hello! My name is Vincenzo and I go by the nickname “sevenzh”. I’m 28 years old and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I have started playing Gwent as my first big competitive CCG, after playing Hearthstone casually for one year starting with the open beta. I managed to get an invitation to Gwent in November 2016, when the game was in early closed beta, and i got addicted to it relatively fast. In around one and a half month, i managed to reach the 39th place on the leader board. After that, I slowly started to play less and less, taking a break for quite a few months, until i decided to pick up the game again in September 2017. In October I was already very close to getting my first GM on normal ladder, reaching 4480/4500 MMR and I managed to finally get it next season, in November-December. After that, I managed to get GM a few more times, a lot easier, and I slowly started to treat the game more seriously. Season 4 was my first Pro Ladder season and i managed to reach the 98th place and get into the Open Qualifier. Since then, the passion for the game and my “want to continuously improve myself” mentality made me analyze almost every game played, including wins, to see where there is room for improvement. My current goal in Gwent is to improve my scores for every faction with each season and ultimately compete in a tournament.