Hello, my name is Silverfuse. I am a Twitch and YouTube Partner who predominantly plays card games. I have had a long love for video games but wasn’t exposed to card games until later in life. I dove into my first CCG, Hearthstone in March 2014 until in December 2017. I stopped after I found The Elder Scrolls: Legends which I played until Feb 2018. Due to my studies, I stepped away from the game but came back to it in May 2018. In June 2018, I competed in the Master Series Qualifiers and placed 5th place in the second tournament out of over 200 players. Just 2 points shy of the big event in 2018, the next year I ended up casting the event instead! I now focus on educational content and casting for CCGs while throwing in some meme deck content as well. On my channel, you can find me explaining various lines of play or contently laughing at a new combo I was able to pull off. I love to learn and am passionate about everything I do, and I hope my actions show you that.